Five tricks that all men should know


When it comes to having fun in the bedroom, there are a few things that the escorts in London would love all their clients to know about. Now this of course does not mean that you can't try them on women who aren't escorts in London, but at least try to perfect them first before going outside to different territory.

Okay, so hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride. Here is a list that will help you to become a more competent lover with the escorts in London.

How to use your tongue

Now men be real, when it comes to getting tongue action from you it can be pretty gross. You either use too much spit or you can't control your tongue. When it comes to kissing the escorts in London they do not need to feel your spit running down the sides of their mouth nor do they need to feel as though they are wrestling your tongue, and when it comes to giving oral pleasure, you are either too rough on her or not rough enough just making the thought of having oral sex with you very unappealing.

So now that you know you are not the expert that you think you are, it's time that you allow the escorts in London to direct you in what they would like you to do. When it comes to kissing let her lead and when it comes to oral stimulation instead of going off on a tangent, follow the instructions that she's giving you either verbally or through her actions.

How to use your fingers

Okay, so here goes. Men have this very crude way of shoving their fingers into the escorts in London believing that they are giving them the best finger job ever. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but unless you are hitting her g-spot then that is just useless.

The outer wall of a woman's vagina has a lot more never endings than her inner walls, so by touching her gently (of course with lube) it will increase the stimulation that the escorts in London feel.

You don't only have to use your fingers in the obvious places you know, use light touches down her spine, her shoulders or even to outline her face. Sex with the escorts in London does not have to be rough and wild, you can also have gentle moments with her as well.

How to use your penis

Just because you were born with a penis it does not mean that you know how to use it. The escorts in London enjoy it when men rub the head of their penises just on the entrance to her vagina. All women enjoy being teased provocatively and that is one of the best ways to do it.

How to stimulate her senses

So as you know, we all have five senses. Do you stimulate any of these senses during sex or is it always a rush and go job? Stimulating the senses of the escorts in London is not a difficult job to do and once you get the hang of it, it will become even easier.

So here's how you stimulate her senses

Taste - Try seductive fruits such as strawberries and grapes. Chocolate is also another great seducer of the tongue

Touch - Use feathers, handcuffs, or anything else you can find. Some escorts in London even like the feel of the stubble on a man's face so you can try that as well

Smell - Wear a seductive (not too much), aftershave. Don't go for something that all men are using, try going for something that is unique so that she picks up on it faster

Sight - Dress seductively, maybe greet her with those tight boxers on at the door, or if you're going on a date then why not leave one of the buttons undone so she can get a peek at your chest?

Sound - The escorts in London enjoy music in the bedroom. It also helps both people to move together which helps to keep the momentum of the sex going.

How to talk to her

Now this is a tough one since most men don't like talking in the bedroom. For this you will need to feel completely comfortable. Now note there are only two categories, but if you are neither one of these then you are a non-talker and that's not a category that you want to be in.

  • A dirty talker - This type of talker brings out all the expletives in the bedroom. He is rough and aggressive and knows how to talk her into indulging in kinky pleasures.
  • The smoother talker - He is more the encourager in the bedroom with the escorts in London. He assures her that she's doing a great job and of course whispers in her ear exactly what he's going to do to her.

They say that it's difficult to teach old dogs new tricks, but I say that once the reward is big enough, you'll get an old dog to do anything. Think about it.