How to French Kiss


It seems that French kissing has been around for years and so it seems, will be for years to come as well, but don't let the name fool you. Simply because it has French in the name it doesn't mean you have to be French, or even speak French. Heck, you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you don't give this kiss a bad name. So yes, it's time for you to brush up on your skills and make sure that your tongue skills are up to par.

Firstly, start the kiss gently, continue gently, and finish gently. Quite often, people think that that the kiss needs to gets more rough as the heat of the moment grows, but this is false. Would you want someone roughly munching on your face? Absolutely not, so remember to keep it gentle throughout, from start to finish. A little nibble of the lip can add some passion to the kiss if that's where the mood is taking you, but for the actual kissing, keep it gentle. Gentle is the keyword here, folks.

Once you have locked lips, continue with the soft lip to lip kissing before you move onto anything else. The worst kissing stories always come from someone who was approached by their partner with their mouth wide open. Never do this. You aren't eating your date for dinner! Take your time and start it slow with simple and classic lip locking.

Close your eyes. Would you want to catch a glimpse of your date staring down at you whilst you're in mid kiss? Keep them closed. Start to finish. No excuses!

Once the mood and kiss have increased, move on to more open mouth lip to lip kissing. Softly, slightly and lightly draw your tongue across the other's lips. Do not just jam your tongue in there to get your point across. There, again, are absolutely no excuses for this.

If your partner has reciprocated with some tongue action, then slowly begin to explore one another's tongues with a very light licking motion. Keep the actions moving slowly, softly and slightly. Your whole entire tongue should never, ever, in no way, shape or form be in the other person's mouth.

As mentioned, feel free to add some passion into the French kiss by nibbling or biting, but only on the lower lip. Never do this to a tongue because it doesn't matter how lightly you do this - it will hurt!

Remember, continue the kiss, slowly, softly and lightly with your eyes closed. Follow their lead, unless they are awful at what they're doing.

If all else fails, whatever you do, don't take the words "playing tonsil tennis" literally!