Funny Disney Sluts


Why not start your day off with a little dirty humour? This post is all about the dirty little whores that are characters in Disney movies. Busty, beautiful and ready for a good time, these Disney babes are eager to jump on their men.

Everyone has heard a lot about "Disney Sluts" and of course it doesn't take much for someone to interpret certain characters personality and motives from the film, and turn her into a whore. However, each character does seem to actually pertain to certain sexual fantasies. Seems that Mr Walter Disney has a dirty little secret of his own. Are you curious to know what Disney slut would be your dirty girl? Let's find out! And hey, if you're into animé porn... you are definitely going to love these girls!

Miss Piggy is the biggest whore of all whore characters. Apparently she is also a gold digger. Hey, loving sex and money I think Miss Piggy might be on to something! Even though she is not Disney, she's on this list because she clearly isn't human.

And then of course Miss Jessica Rabbit. I think she is a smoking hot character. Hence the word smoking. This is your girl is you have a smoking sexual fantasy. Promiscuous, sexy, sassy, fierce yet classy. If you're into red heads, this girl will be sure to provide you with a night of wild fun.

Now we have the very promiscuous Snow White! Often seen as a slutty lil' one. She does sleep with 7 different men every night and then one man on the regular as well. This girl sure loves her dirty down time. Can anyone say group bang?

Rapunzel tends to be more of a hardcore sex lover. She likes to get her hair pulled and have men climb all over her. Very sexy!

Ariel, the mermaid, or as some call her the mer-slut, is more of the bad ass type of girl. She enjoys rebelling against her parents to get that sexy man with the big bulge in his pants. Oh yes, the bulge is there... watch the movie.

Peterpan is extremely into voyeurism. Doesn't he sneak into people's bedrooms and watches them at night? What a dirty man whore and I'm sure all these Disney sluts would love to indulge in some dirty fantasies with him.

Disney is all about sexy girls that love dirty sex! Who wouldn't love to get down and dirty with these girls? They are sweet and innocent in public, but deep down inside they are craving for some rowdy sack sessions! Just Like our London escort girls, so which Disney you like her to be for you...?!