Games, Games and More Games


No, this isn't an article about mind games because both men and women have those down pat and don't need to read up on them - just kidding! This article is about sexy games that you should definitely indulge in. Whether you're trying to connect with your partner, or simply add a little more spice and fun into your relationship, then these games are sure to do that.

WOULD YOU RATHER? This is a fun game to really get to know your partner as well as yourself. Think of unique questions such as, "Would you rather buy a yacht or buy a house?" Or how about, "Would you rather be the one buying everyone drinks, or the bartender serving them?" Will give both you and your partner a new way to look at one another, and a fun way to discover new things, to say the least.

TRUTH OR DARE - Okay, this game can get a little troublesome if you're not completely honest with one another, or have been sneaking around with another woman, so proceed with caution. If you're both respectful, can handle the truth and are ready for some delicious dares, then game on! If not, just pretend that you never read this option. The truth can get a lot of people in trouble, right? Avoid it like the plague if you're not ready to admit to your secrets.

TWISTER - What's better than contorting your body with your partner in new, promiscuous ways, right? Grab that childhood game that's hidden in the attic, dust it off, get naked and start contorting. Seeing one another's bodies in silly positions will make the game fun, and touching one another's bodies in silly positions will make the game sexy. Does it get better than that?

SPIN THE BOTTLE - Who doesn't love those childhood games that you used to play in school, you know, where you spin the bottle and hope that it doesn't land on that creepy girl with the braces and spots? Well instead this time Spin the Bottle is going to be amazing! All you need is you and your partner (more if you want how scandalous) and instead of having people to kiss, set up markers for the body to land on that represent an action (sucking) and a body part (penis). Have fun!

Who ever said you have to be a child to play games!