Great sex tips to keep you in the mood


Depending on the lifestyle that you have, you may have a lower or higher sex drive than other men. You may even leave home in the morning thinking that when you get home you will call the escorts in London or even your girlfriend and you'll have sex. During the day however something might happen and ruin your mood and when you get home you are just sulking around and wondering where your good mood went.

Well you might believe that your mood has left for good but it really hasn't. It's just lying under the surface waiting for you to do something to bring it back out. So go ahead and call your girlfriend or make that call to the escorts in London and if you try the following tips you'll be ready and more than willing to have more sex than ever before.

Some tips to get you back in the mood -

  • Walk around in the nude - A great way to get in the mood is to flaunt what you've got. If this is not your style then why not let the escorts in London do a few things around your home in the nude? Maybe wash the dishes or even make the bed. The escorts in London might even drop something in front of you and sensually pick it up to tease you! Try it - this one will definitely work for you.
  • Always have the option of a quickie - Ok so you are not in the mood? Well why not ask your girl or the escorts in London to visit you at work during your lunch hour? Let her know what you are planning so that she can dress as seductively as she can do.

When you see her walking into your work place you won't regret it especially if everyone knows that it's you she came to meet. You can take her to the car or if you have your own office, just make some room on the desk to have your wicked way with her. Quickies are a great way to get that adrenalin rush that your body needs.

  • Set the mood/scene - Okay, this one requires a bit more time and preparation. Sometimes prolonging sex is a great way to keep you in the mood. As you prepare for your night with the escorts in London and buy a few little things that you will want to use with her, it will help to keep you in the right frame of mind that you need to have great sex.

There are many things that you can purchase besides condoms. You can purchase warming oils and handcuffs and leave them right by the bed so that the escorts in London know that sometime during her time with you that this is what will happen. Find clever ways to let her know what will take place during the night without telling her outright. This is sure to build anticipation.

  • Don't wait for someone else to turn you on, do it yourself - So it may take a while before you can have sex again with the escorts in London, but this does not mean that because you can't have sex with the escorts in London that everything has to go downhill. All it means is that you will need to learn new ways to turn yourself on and keep that flame going until you meet the escorts in London again.

Watch porn or even read a few erotic books to keep things in good working order down below. You are the best person to keep yourself in the mood, not just by your actions but by keeping your brain active as well.

So remember, whilst there are many things that the escorts in London can do to get you in the mood, ultimately you are the one with the most control.