Great tips for better sex


Now that you have finally arranged a date with the escorts in London, you may be wondering what you can do to impress them. Even though the escorts in London are the ones that should be making an impression on you, it would not hurt for you to try to make an impression on them as well.

Here are a few tips you can use to help you not only make a great impression on the escorts in London but also enhance the sexual experience between the both of you.

Learn to flirt with the escorts in London

Flirting is not only about the things that you say to the escorts in London but how you use your body language to say what you want to do for her or what you want her to do for you. Instead of using cheesy pickup lines that she has been probably been hearing since she was 15 years old, try something a bit more suggestive. Using suggestive language helps you to say exactly what you want to do with the escorts in a very diplomatic way. It's a nice way to play with words without being too direct.

Use more than just lubricants in the bedroom

Whilst lubricants can be very useful during sex, there are also other things that make sex quite interesting. Escorts in London may have a few toys that they like to use when they are with clients. Instead of rejecting the idea why not try it out? You may be surprised as to what you can accomplish with the help of a few sex toys.

Use more than your mouth.

While kissing, licking and sucking may be something you want to do, don't forget to use your fingers as well. Light touches and stroking also helps turn her on. There are also other areas where you can use your fingers as well instead of your tongue. Listen to the escorts in London while you are stroking and caressing them, they'll let you know if they want you to be a bit rougher or more gentle with her.

Make foreplay count

Escorts in London enjoy it when clients take the time out to give them foreplay. Use scarves, feathers, massage, foods or anything else that comes to mind that may help with the process of getting the escorts in London horny for you. Foreplay should never be rushed but it should be an extension of sex. Great foreplay often leads to great sex.

Be sensual

Just by the way you dress, how you greet her or even the music that you have on when she arrives, it will all let the escorts in London know if you are ready to have sex. Don't be afraid to be a bit savvy. Pour her wine and feed her, tease her with your eyes and your smile. Use your body language to let her know that you are ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Change isn't as bad as people say it is. Change allows us to better ourselves and create something that we can call our own. Don't fight change but instead, embrace it especially if the escorts in London are included in it.