Having sex with no strings attached


Just want to have fun and paint the town red because you are tired of the lies and deceit that women have to offer? If so may I suggest that you find a “friend with benefits”, something like a London escort?

“Friends with benefits” are pretty easy to find if you know where to look, and with our high technology, various websites have done most of the work for us. It’s just up to us to pick up the slack.

In order to make a good impression online which is a lot easier to do than in person, you must be able to sell yourself to the “friends with benefits market”. Once you can achieve this you are one step closer to your goal. So bring out the clean sheets, do a little tidying around the house and let’s get started.

Your first step to getting into the “friends with benefits market” is to get an identity. What kind of person do you want women to get to know you as? First impressions always last whether you contact the person via email or if you are going on your first date. So when setting up a profile on any one of these various websites you will need to come across as interesting, funny and intelligent if you want to attract the ladies. Don’t forget to add a real profile pic for back up since this would increase your chances of being noticed.

Now that you have your profile up, allow the ladies to come to you because you don’t want to seem to abrasive, which would completely turn them off. Remember that women love conversation and if you can’t hold a decent conversation with her then your chances of getting laid are next to nought. Not every woman online would want to “dirty talk” on their first chat with you, so don’t bring up anything of that nature unless she does. Let her carry the conversation and you will know what her intentions are. Hopefully they will be the same intentions that the London escorts have for you when you meet them.

When the both of you have built an “online relationship,” you could ask her out on a date. The first date doesn’t mean that all you are interested in getting her panties off, which would be great, but getting to know each other more and what you both intend to get out of the relationship. Treat her with respect and decency at all times no matter what her intentions are for you in the bedroom.

So guys there you have it. You don’t need to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to get your “needs” met since you can get all that and more from a “friend with benefits”.