How To Hide A Love Bite


Who knows why you want to hide that love bite, and to be quite frank with you, no one needs to know your reasoning for wanting to do so. If you're having an affair or your partner gave you a blood-sucking bruise on your neck that won't be acceptable for work, then these tips will help cover that up in no time.

Getting rid of a love bite can be a little more difficult than hiding it, so be sure to use these two tactics when all else fails to avoid confrontation and getting yourself in trouble.

Makeup is used by women all the time to cover up blemishes and all sorts of things, so now would be the time to swallow your male pride and "borrow" some of your lady's cosmetics! If you have no one to borrow some makeup from, run to your local chemist to get concealer and cover-up. Make sure it matches your natural skin tone because a random orange spot on your neck isn't going to hide anything from anyone either!

If makeup just isn't hiding the fact that you were in bed with a bloodsucking babe last night then throw on a turtle neck. Of course, turtle necks aren't always in season and if you're a frequent fashion trend follower, this may not get you much further than if you were to bare the love bite freely. Other alternatives are scarves and mock-neck sweaters. These are sure to cover your injuries from a wild sex session at least until it's time for you to change into your PJ's.

Good luck and for next time, avoid getting sucked on,well on your neck at least!