Important Musts with Anal Beads


Anal beads are a great way to enjoy some sexy foreplay have amazing orgasms or experimenting for something much larger down the road. Sure, they're tons of fun but when dealing with this toy, it is important that you know how to use it correctly to avoid any unintentional pain, and only give pleasure.

Make sure that you or your partner are screaming from the enjoyment of the toy, and not discomfort or pain from its user. Follow these tips and you will be sure to have your woman screaming from an amazing orgasm in no time, at all

Try to choose anal beads that are smoother in texture. Some are ribbed, and this is amazing for extra pleasure, but be careful to not tear the rectum. Sometimes with anal beads, they can have a rough seam around the bead which may not as enjoyable. Be sure to file down any rough edges before using to ensure that you will have your woman screaming the way you want her to.

Always make sure that the string or cord that is attaching the beads is strong and sturdy. Try to avoid any anal beads that are attached with nylon string and aim towards a jelly coated rope, or plastic. With nylon string, beads can become unattached and lost. Of course you want the anal beads to be lost in the anus, but not for good, so be sure to make sure the beads are all connected securely.

Another option often suggested is to place the anal beads inside a condom. This will ensure safety and comfort. It will always keep them clean, although you should be washing them after each use anyway! Although, if you are sharing the beads between you and your partner, a condom is the best bet. Now I know that no one enjoys a condom, so if you refuse to use one for your anal bead sensation, try buying silicone beads instead of plastic, which will not trap as much bacteria. Again, always wash after each use!

When choosing some anal beads to bring home with you, try to get the ones that have a wide base or handle. This will help remove the beads, but will always make the movement and pleasure easier when inserted into the anus.

However, remember to have fun with this kinky sex toy, relax and let your mind and body slip into a shuddering place filled with orgasms! Wash after each use and use again and again! You will definitely be addicted to this amazing toy after trying it out!