Impress Her - The Road to Ecstasy


We all love SEX. Men and women alike enjoy the art of having sex, or as some may argue the pleasure of doing it. But in our attempt to experience it, sometimes, we forget that pleasure works both ways. With this in mind, we try to get to know the woman better as we travel the road to ecstasy.


Lets begin with the biggest sex organ of the body - the MIND. It controls everything that body does, including sex. The brain controls the production and release of a feel good hormone during sex Dopamine, the hormone responsible for making every woman's sex drive soar up to the skies. If you haven't noticed, her mind is just as complex as her body, but is trickier than her body, because of its ability to manipulate everything that a woman feels, making men resort to fantasy games and role playing.


From the biggest sex organ of the body to the largest organ of the body, literally, THE SKIN. All women are sensitive to touch. In fact, a woman's hypersensitivity to man's touch may just be your key to unlock her sexual drive. Men, especially those who frequently go out with Stevenage escorts are well-aware of this. Their nerve receptors are over-sensitive making their pleasure points and the possibilities of pleasure, endless.

Nose and Mouth

But these (mind and skin) aren't the only ways to get your woman to scream your name, your natural male scent and a golden kiss- the NOSE and the MOUTH. Most women are attracted to a man's natural scent (the fresh out of the shower scent), and a man's kiss (passionate, sensual or rough) that can make her groan and moan in the right way. Hit those spots and you may well be on your way to paradise!


But the real deal cant be felt through an ordinary human encounter. It has to be more intimate, for the power source of female orgasms is found down under - in her CLITORIS. This pleasure-producing organ is filled with nerve endings more vast than her skin, so you ought to use this wisely.

All men know these things by nature but not all can do it. It takes a man to make sex happen, but it takes a good one to please a woman. So go on, tease and please your girl and you might just get that reward you've been dreaming of.