Interesting Places TO Have Sex This Summer


Of course, you have already heard the suggestion to have sex on the beach, in the pool and in then hot tub but you've been there and done that. Do you want to indulge in something more fun, crazy and interesting? Of course you are! Here is a list of places to have sex in the summertime that will blow your mind!

Forget the mile high club, and make things a little wilder a little lower. This summer, have sex on a roof under the stars. The drowned out sound of traffic and people will be your love making soundtrack for the night.

Dive in head first this summer with sex on a boat. Who doesn't want to have sex on a boat, right? Let the motion of the ocean determine your pace.

Pitch a tent up and have sex in the woods this summer. Pitch up a tent and in the pitched tent go nuts. Just be sure to spray your entire body with insect repellent!

Get rock hard, on a rock and as long as it's pretty flat, you should have an extremely hot experience. Try finding large rocks which can often be found near water, this will add to the possibilities of positions!

You don't have to go far to experience a night in a dark alley in a small European town! Practice your French and role play behind the local shopping centre, or take a drive to your city's version of "Little Italy". Add to the experience by researching specific sex positions and specialities.

Grab a blanket and head to the beach. Of course, you've heard this before so why not go during sunrise or sunset? How about you indulge in a little fun on the pier? Let the surroundings provide amazing places to get scandalous in!

Now, the sex swing in your bedroom doesn't count for this one! Try all outdoor swings such as a tyre swing, or a rope swing! Find one, and surely you'll be able to figure out a way to indulge in, on and around it.

Take a trip in a convertible and take the road to sexual heaven. Of course, you must pull over first, and if you're really looking for a thrill, then do it on the hard shoulder of a quiet motorway at night.

Take a trip down south in all ways imaginable. Down south is so beautiful, on both the globe and your woman. Find a beautiful place and take a well-deserved holiday. Find a waterfall or a lake and indulge. Looking for a cheaper option? Your bath, shower or even garden sprinkler will do just fine!

Prepare yourself for the summer of your life!