Jumping Jack Rabbits of Pleasure


The gift-giving season is right around the corner and now is the time to give a gift that counts! No, don't get her flowers, or chocolates, these are too clichéd! Give your woman a sexy adult toy that is sure to rock her world, as well as yours when she performs solo in front of you.

A Rabbit Vibrator-Amazing! Enough said! This article is done.

Aside from the jokes, the rabbit vibrators are absolutely and completely amazing and will be sure to give your woman the best of orgasms this Holiday season. What better way to wake up on Christmas morning than to a thunderous orgasm, right?

Rabbit vibrators can look a little scary and almost alien-like and may not be the perfect gift if your lovely lady friend is very subtle and shy in bed. However, if you know your girl already has vibrators of her own, getting a rabbit vibrator is sure to add a whole new world of pleasure to her secret drawer of sex toys. She may be intimidated, but once she tries it out she will never ever look back. This will send her into a frenzy of fantastic, toe-curling fun.

A lot of men are often intimidated if their woman has solo sex toys such as vibrators and dildos, and you may be asking yourself why would you get her something to do solo that is going to feel so amazing? You may also be wondering if she will no longer enjoy sex as much, or if she will want it less. This is not true. You may be having the most amazing sex, but we all know you still wank off from time to time when you're alone well, it's the same thing for women. Sure, they love your dick, but sometimes it's fun getting off on their own.

Don't be intimidated by a sex toy. Let your lady have some solo fun. If you can't get past her doing it solo - then ask her to do it in front of you. How sexy!