How to know if Your Woman is Faking it


Okay. So you’ve had sex, a lot. But having sex means extending pleasure to your partner, in other words, a mutual orgasm. Now, think about the women that you have slept with, how many of them do you think reached their orgasm without faking it? If your answer is close to none, then you are either too insensitive or you are just not aware of the signs that a woman is faking it.

According to research, there are several factors why a woman is faking her orgasm. Physical and emotional stress, performance anxiety, image insecurities and body disorders are just some of the many reasons why they do it. Or at least why they make you believe that they had an orgasm when they didn’t. And although there is some truth in this, you shouldn’t be upset with your wife or girlfriend, they did not do it to hurt you. Sometimes they do this for themselves.

Notice that all the factors mentioned lead to a woman’s general well being. That is because a woman can never reach orgasm if she isn’t feeling it. We are all quite sure that every woman, especially the stunning London escorts out there are aware of this. And your job as the man in the relationship is to know the difference between a fake orgasm and the real thing.


It’s simple. There are telltale signs that a woman is having a real orgasm. For instance, her breathing patterns. If a woman is truly about to have an orgasm, her breathing pace is heightened, leaving her with a dry mouth, but when she’s faking it- you can hear her scream and sometimes swear at the top of her voice, almost overdoing it, so she can get away with a fake orgasm. But it does not end there. When a woman reaches her climax, she loses control of her body. Her mouth dries up, her heart beats faster than ever, her hands become warm and her body softens up as she closes in on her orgasm and although most women can replicate these signs of orgasm, it pays well to know these signs so you know whether she is doing so.

Orgasm can be quite a heavy emotion. It is the pinnacle of a story, the punctuation to a sentence that you have long been writing and the final tune to the music you are playing. If it feels right, then it is likely to be an orgasm.