Male Angles for Webcam Sex


Technology isn't just ruling the world of entertainment and music, but it is also taking over the way we get frisky, dirty and wild for ourselves, our freaky fantasies as well as for our partner. No, this isn't an article about porn. This is about a revolution of sexy technology that is and has people exploding all over the world. Yes, its webcam sex.

Unfortunately, the rumour that the camera can add on 10 pounds can be true, and most people would definitely not want this, but for men indulging in their inner porn star personality and fantasy, looking 10 pounds larger isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The perfect angles are different for men and woman simply because, of course, the bodies are different, as are the sweet spots. So read on to know the perfect angles for a man when indulging in some dirty Internet sex.

Being a man, you want to look and feel as large as possible. Avoid a complete downward, aerial angle on your penis as this will provide a shorter appearance, which no man wants. With that said, almost any and every other angle will work for you, as long as it isn't pointing straight down. A little lower than an aerial view will allow the length of your member to show, as well as your sexy body and actions that you are partaking in.

To really accentuate the appearance of length, angle the webcam right at your penis and stand sideways. Your penis will take up the whole screen, regardless of your true side. This also allows the viewer to see every angle and detail of the way you are handling yourself, which is exactly what you want. The side profile is always the perfect "go-to".

Another amazing angle that will give your audience a perfect and full view and an even bigger impression of your penis is from below. Be sure to not go too slow, but just enough for the viewer to see your testicles all the way up the shaft to the very top of your penis.

Regardless of the angle, as long as you have the confidence to get on that cam and have your way with yourself for your audience, whether it is your partner or fulfilling your dirty porn star fantasy, you will make an explosive performance. Although, knowing which angles to use to make you look you're biggest, thickest and longest helps!