Masturbate, Its Good For You!


As if this article title had to tell you to masturbate. It's been said for so long that masturbation is healthy for you, so why would you need any more encouragement than that to keep it going? Well, the more the merrier to justify your excess amount of masturbating, so read on!

Masturbation is a great stress reliever. There are so many things in life that cause stress and the best way to relieve them is by giving yourself a little loving. While the frustration is building up inside you, feel free to build up something else inside of you and release yourself into an explosive stress free world.

Masturbation is healthy, everyone already knows that, but did you know that it helps lower the risk of prostate cancer? Research has shown that climaxing on a regular basis cleans your reproductive system out. Join the fight against cancer and spank your monkey!

Of course, masturbating increases your sexual stamina. You never want to be referred to as the "two minute man" or "one pump chump". Masturbating is like practicing for the real thing. You build yourself up so you can last longer in bed. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Many people take protein shakes after working out, but why not work out after working out? Masturbating increases the body's production of testosterone which aids in the growth of your muscles and helps with male hair growth and the deepening of your voice. Why not kill five birds with one stone right? Tug it!

Health, health, health! Oh, you'd better believe it! Another health benefit of masturbating is that it boosts your immune system! If you feel a tickle in your throat or you find yourself getting sick far too often, choke your chicken for a little immune boost!

Here's a fun fact for the day: masturbation is the safest form of sex! It may not be nearly as fun as sex with someone else of the opposite sex, but hey! At least you can give yourself something, right?

Some say it's a sin, but that's not stopping you. Sin on mate! Some say it'll make you blind, but you don't need eyes to masturbate, so blind yourself some more. Some say it'll give you hairy palms, but you're hairy everywhere else, so what's a little more? Tug away, you masturbatory King!

You've never needed more reasons to masturbate, but more never hurts! Spank the ham, tug the meat, whatever nickname you have for it, do it and do it often!