Most Common Mistakes Guys Make with Women


Men are always confused and often say that women don't know what they want, but in reality, they know exactly what they want which is where the problem lies. It is all about being what they want, but not too much of that, or too little. Confused already, aren't you? Don't worry! This article will break it down for you with the most common mistakes men make with women!

You are too nice. Women can spot a nice guy a million miles away. It has to do with the way you walk, talk as well as the way you hold and present yourself. It is great to be a nice guy, but we need to know that we can't take advantage of you and women definitely doesn't want to hear "how high" when they say, "JUMP!" In other words, don't give them everything they ask for, or do everything that they say. Women want a man after all, right?

There is absolutely no reason why you should convince a woman to like you. One, if she doesn't - then that's too bad for her move onto the next. If she likes you even the slightest bit and you're trying to convince her that you're the perfect man as you rehearse all the pros of dating, she will surely lose that small amount of like that she did have.

Don't look for her approval on everything. Again, women want a man not an indecisive boy. However, if you ask for her opinion on some things, it'll make her feel special and that her opinion means something to you.

The absolute worst mistake a man can make is buying ones affection. Yes, we are talking about women, but you're not going to get much by showering us with expensive gifts and nothing else.

Lastly, do not get all soppy too soon. If you love her the first date and how could you not, just keep it to yourself! Telling a woman exactly how to feel about them too soon is going to make you come across as a soppy, desperate, "too nice kind" of a guy. Just be yourself and keep some things a mystery and you'll do just fine!