Must Try Fantasies


There are so many amazing fantasies that people have the option to indulge in, but then there are fantasies that you absolutely must try. Fantasies are amazing because they give you an opportunity to switch from your usual sex-capades and indulge in some wild, crazy things that you've always wanted to try! Here are the top "must-try" fantasies that will be sure to rock your world!

Menage-a-trois anyone? Who wouldn't want to have double the pleasure while in the bedroom? The more the merrier, right? Everyone should try having a threesome at least once in their life, maybe not with their partner, as this is considered to be one of the biggest relationship breakers, but if you're single then this is definitely something you will want to mark off your bucket list!

Switching your role of being dominating and submissive is also an absolute must try. If you are usually the one calling the shots in the sack, switch it around and have your partner have their way with you instead. This is a great way to experience a whole new level of pleasure in bed and is sure to revamp your sex life if it has been on a low. Domination and submission definitely play into the hardcore sex fantasy and can get very rough and rowdy, so get ready for a night of fun when you switch these roles.

With that said about roles, role-playing is also a must. Try teacher/student role playing, doctor/nurse or even doctor/patient for a really dirty and promiscuous time. Role playing is sure to bring your inner freak out to play! Really turn up the sex appeal with dressing up in costumes! Not only is this visually appealing, but it will help you commit to the role!

Whoever said stranger, danger was wrong unless you think of it this way. Indulge in the fantasy of having sex with a stranger. You can be daring and bring a stranger home from a night out on the town, or you can even meet your partner in a public place.Pretend that you just met and go from there with your secret stranger fantasy.

You must indulge in the porn fantasy. No, this doesn't mean watching porn alone on a late and lonely Friday night, get your lover over and watch it together, than re-enact your favourite scenes. This will definitely add a new spark to your fun!

Lastly, what is worse than having the best sex of your life and not being able to relive it? Save yourself from this and make a sex tape! Who doesn't love porn, and it's even better when you are in the leading role with your dirty girl.

Add these to your bucket list, and start crossing them off! These must-try sexual fantasies are sure to leave you pleased and satisfied.