Pre-use Blow up Doll Care Instructions


So you've just purchased yet another, or maybe your very first blow up doll, and naturally you're extremely eager to go home and have some fun with your new toy. However, did you know that it is absolutely necessarily and highly recommended that you follow pre-care precautions and instructions to ensure long-lasting quality? After all, you want to be able to safely use your blow up doll, time and time again, right?

Following these steps for pre-use care of your blow up doll will not only ensure lots of safe fun, but will also allow you to continually have pleasure and fun with your inflatable friend. It doesn't matter if you are a soft lover or a hardcore aggressive one, if you follow these simple pre-use care instructions, then you will always have a long-lasting, inflatable doll to have your wicked way with.

The first step is to carefully remove the blow up doll from the packaging. Of course, you want to rip it out and eagerly get started, but there's nothing that will make you deflate, like a deflating blow up doll will. Most blow up dolls come in a box, so be sure to use those scissors carefully to avoid inserting unnecessary (and unwanted) holes into your doll.

Secondly, you will need to lay your blow up doll out carefully. You can do so by spreading the doll's body parts out on the ground as they would naturally lay. It's similar to when you put a new inner tube in an air mattress. Try to spread the plastic that is sticking together apart a little to avoid any popping prior to blowing it up.

Now, you can start blowing up your doll at last, right? Certainly by now, you're probably dying to switch roles and make the doll blow you instead, but it is very important that you add the air slowly, especially if you are using an electric pump as opposed to your mouth. Plus, you want to save your energy for when your doll is ready.

One thing you must remember is to not overfill your blow up doll! This will make it extremely likely to pop which can be hard, in fact sometimes near impossible, to fix depending on the type of rip or hole that your doll has. There's nothing like spending money on something but getting nothing out of it other than an unused popped blow up doll! The doll should be nice and solid yet still bendable. The plastic needs to have some give to it.

Lastly, although this step seems extremely obvious, it is important that you are reminded to never place your blow up doll around sharp or hot objects. Do not take your doll outside on a hot day or leave it in your car. Remember, your blow up doll is plastic after all, and can pop and melt if you don't treat it right.