Safe watery Fun


Summer is right around the corner so it only makes sense that everyone gets prepared to indulge in their wet and wild fantasies. Although sex in water isn't always the safest thing, it's still something that everyone loves to do and safe or not it's going to happen. So grab your rubber ducky and strap up, because this is going to be a wet and wild summer!

Okay, just wait! Before you get too excited, it is imperative that you know that sex in water isn't just as simple as jumping in head first and getting wet. Be sure you know the following or you may not be having sex for a couple of weeks.

If you plan on using a condom, you may want to be extra cautious. Water and condoms do not mix. Of course, it's great to be safe but here's a little bit of information for you. Water and chemicals such as chlorine break down a condom so its risk of breaking is definitely increased, so if you still fully intend to dive right into this sexy situation, be sure that you know who and what you're getting into literally.

Sure, you would think that having sex in water would add to the slippery, wet fun but this is not true. Water will wash away almost all lubricants, naturally produced from your body or shop bought. Now don't get your knickers in a twist just yet because there is a lube that will not wash away as quickly. It is silicone-based lube and if you don't have any then you're definitely going to want to get some because sex in water probably won't be as desirable without it. Plus, you can take this lube into the shower for even more fun!

Once you have your condom situation all sorted out and are lubed up, you're ready to go. If you are sitting there thinking that watery sex is simply way too much work, don't take the easy way out. Not taking proper precautions whilst indulging in wet fantasies can lead to infections and all sorts of things. The worst part about that? There won't be any sex at all for possibly weeks if you don't get it right, so just do what you need to do and take the safe route.