How to satisfy her just by kissing


Giving the person that you are going to have sex with a peck on the cheek just won't cut it, whether it's your girl or the escorts in London. You may think that sex doesn't need to involve kissing since it's your other body parts that do all the talking, but what I learnt from the Brazilian escorts is going to blow that myth sky high, so you think kissing is not important, well continue reading I'm sure I can change your mind on this one.

When you kiss the Brazilian escorts what is the first part of her lips that you are attracted to? That's right, the plump juicy part that reminds you of what is waiting for you down below. Whilst kissing her fully on the lips can arouse you, try using the tip of your tongue and outline her lips.

Now don't go trying to outline them alone, that's just plain creepy not to mention it may be sort of sloppy. Whilst kissing her, just pause for a few seconds and outline them. This will send shivers down her spine and she will be anticipating what else you can do with that tongue of yours.

The next place that is very sensitive is between the collar bone and the neck. That little area can send sparks through the Brazilian escorts. What makes that area so sensitive is the thinnest of skin. Places kisses here and you'll see her chest start to go up and down quite heavily.

If you want to intensify it, you can kneel behind her with your hard member slightly touching her and bend over her and kiss this erogenous zone. That will surely delight the Brazilian escorts. Another great kissing area is between the ear and the jawline. Don't be afraid to touch this area lightly before placing a few hot kisses on it.

Let's move a little lower down the body and see what other great places you can kiss to keep the Brazilian escorts turned on. The next great kissing spot is right below the ribs and the hip. This area has very sensitive nerve endings that if kissed, very sensually I might add, could give her an orgasm. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

In this area you want to be a bit more aggressive though. While you kiss one side, use your hands to caress the other side of her torso. With these touches she will feel the sensations within her vaginal walls which is good for you and of course better for the Brazilian escorts.

Last but not least you have the thighs. This should be fun for you as well as the Brazilian escorts. Kissing her on her inner thighs will not only get her wet as well as give you that visual of her dripping, but it will get you ready to really get the action going.

I'm sure that after reading this you are going to try out a few of these methods on the Brazilian escorts. It doesn't hurt you to try these out. It may hurt you more if you refuse to try. So give it a shot and use your lips and tongue like you've never used them before.