Seven Stages of Sex


There is much debate about what the seven stages of sex are; there are medical adaptation, physical discussions and the chat down the pub conversation, which normally ends up with an exaggerated and prolonged story culminating in impossible acts. Not so with a blonde escort sure to satisfy every time.

Taking an anecdotal look at the Seven Stages of sex is far more fun, and could relate to a high proportion of men who will surely correlate to some of the stages with excited fervour. Our special Watford escorts will be sure to make you feel right at home with some of the stages, and would be more than happy to help you try out some new stages.

Stage one Rabbit Sex, this is when you can not keep your hands of your companion and just keep going and going, bucking like a funny. Without a care in the world for anyone else you just can not keep your hands of each other. Then we have stage Two, Anytime any Place Sex, both you and your chosen blonde escort and partner, if you are that way inclined, have lost all inhibitions nothing phases you now. Stage Three, Double Bed Sex, you have now been together for too long and sex is restricted to the boudoir, bedroom for those of you not in the know. The boring and mundane routine is beginning to set in, time to try a Watford escort on for size and break the monotony.

Things are beginning to look grim at Stage Four, Stairway Sex; you pass on the stairs, cast a glance and think screw you honey simultaneously. An intimate moment on the stairs could be changed with a blonde escort offering something completely different. By Stage Five you are in deep Khaki I’ve got a headache honey, maybe separate rooms would be the answer, or a flat none of that just about says it all. This is normally closely followed by Stage Six, Lawyer Sex, where you both go to court and try as hard as you can to screw each other over and normally succeed.

Finally Stage Seven, The Dole Sex Scenario, where you might get a little each week but nowhere near enough to survive on, let alone live on. Now is the time to turn you attention to a glamorous and pleasure driven Watford escort who will most certainly not ration you or take you beyond stage one maybe even stage two.