How To Have Sex In A Car


Do you have daredevil tendencies and willing to try anything at least once? It would help a lot if your partner had the same tendencies such as you. Have you ever tried having sex in a car? This could be a great thrill to many as it is one of those instances if you get caught you could go to prison. That makes it all the more enticing doesn’t it?

Now having sex in your car isn’t as simple as it may sound. There are a lot of obstacles in there that can make it a little difficult to get your groove on, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, and gearstick. This task may be difficult but not impossible. You just need to make a few minor adjustments in order to get it right.

The back seat is a great place to start. Either person could be on top with the other person lying down in the back seat. Pull your front seats up as far as possible so that you get more room in the back.

Want to be a little bolder? Why not go to the front seats. Push your seat as far back as it would get. Place your partner on top of you facing you. She can ride you while you play with her breasts. If you prefer the other way around, she could face the dashboard while she rides you.

This one can be a little tricky as well as very dangerous not only to you but to other drivers on the road. Ask your girl to give you a blowjob whilst you are driving. Make sure that she goes slowly and that you drive slowly as well. If it’s becoming overwhelming, pull over immediately and continue. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

You’ve tried what you can inside the car, now to go a little beyond that and take the fun outside. Now because this is a lot more noticeable than the other things, you will need to select a secluded area with as little light as possible.

Place your girl on the hood of the car facing you. She could place her legs on top of your shoulders while you give her oral. You can also enter her from the back or the front as she uses the hood of the car for support. Try asking the escorts in London about their experiences in this sort of thing to gain some tips and see what they can tell you.

So go out and enjoy yourself. Just don’t get caught.