Sex outside the bedroom


Are you tired of seeing the four walls in your bedroom while having sex and you are ready for a change in atmosphere? Well good news, your bedroom is not the only room in your house, or is it? There is no rule that says you must have sex in the bedroom. Try taking it to another room and you will see a difference in your performance as well as your sexual partner.


How about having a sexual rendezvous on those kitchen worktops? You could lay out your girl or the London escort as though she is a beautiful meal, Let her lie on her back with everything exposed and you can taste to your heart delight.

You could also lean her against the worktop and you could drive it home from the back as she uses the worktops to brace herself for the coming of a great sexual experience.

Washing room

So you think that the washing machine is only for the clothes? Well think again. Give that baby a spin and place your girl on top with her legs wrapped around your shoulders. You have access to her breasts as well as her vagina, so choose which one you want to tackle first. With the machine vibrating under her I’m sure either one would be fine.

Living room

This space is usually a lot larger than the former areas, so you could use a lot more imagination here. You have couches, coffee tables, throws, cushions etc, so come on, use that imagination. You could do quite a number of sexual positions on the couch unless you opt for the floor, which may not be such a bad idea. Think of games you could play in this area and keep it as kinky as possible.


This could be one of the best places in your house to have sex even though in a slippery bathroom it may also be the most dangerous. Be sure to get a mat for your bathroom that is non-slip to prevent any accidents. If you have a bath you could have sex there but there isn’t much room for the both of you to move, so your best bet is the shower. Just having the water running on your skin is sensual enough, so just imagine her reaction when you take to soap and start lovingly soaping her skin. In the shower you could take your time and be intimate before getting into the heavy stuff. The safest sex position in the bathroom is known to be “doggy” style. If you think you can handle others, just take it slow. You don’t want to end up in casualty with doctors wondering what happened to you, especially if you show up with a London escort!