Sex Positions That Get You Closer


Quite often, sexy articles talk about dirty, yet delicious sexual positions that lack the close intimacy that a lot of relationships also lack. If your relationship is in a rut, the best option of getting it back together and on the right path, is through intimate interaction that will bring that connection back into the picture. Although you love getting rode reverse cowgirl or giving it to your partner doggie style, try these sexual positions that will bring your partner physically and also emotionally closer to you.

The reach around is not only a close and intimate position but it also gives you the option to explore with both of your hands. More often than not,sexual positions have you tangled up like a pretzel, not giving you too many options to explore and wander. Being so close together will not only give your partner the close interaction she desires, but will also allow you to stimulate her in all areas.

Doggie style lying down can seem dirty, but can actually be extremely sensual and intimate. The positioning of the bodies requires the female to arch her back so her butt is up in the air, allowing you perfect entry. As opposed to doggie style, your bodies will be connected back to front, allowing you to feel every muscle flinch and breath, leaving your woman intimately satisfied.

The tiptoe hug position, is similar to the two previous positions mentioned, but front to front as opposed to back to front. Standing up, have your woman stand on her tiptoes as she would to give you a hug, and bring herself closer to your face. Have her legs slightly ajar for easy entry and your woman will not only be sexually satisfied, but the closeness and connectivity of your bodies will also leave her feeling more connected with you.

It may sound boring, but missionary has been around for years for a reason. By making simple changes such as lifting a leg, this position offers endless variety. However, it is the most intimate position as you and your partner are connected with your bodies and face to face.

Maybe intimate, slow and connected sex isn't your style, but it will benefit you to enjoy a sensual, slow rendezvous with your woman from time to time. It will leave her feeling more connected to you and the relationship, and emotionally engaged as well, which ultimately leads to you getting more sex! It's a win-win, situation right?