Sex with a Stranger


Everyone knows that it doesn't take much to convince a man to have sex. It is perhaps the most basic urge that a man has. In fact, it doesn't take much convincing. All you need is a hot woman, perhaps book an escort, who looks like a hot British model. But even being hot is an option. Just give a man any woman, and he'll probably have sex with her.

In fact according to studies, men will have sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime. That's how primal this carnal urge is, and this urge resides in every man's body, regardless.

You see, if you bump into a gorgeous woman on the street and she happened to find you equally attractive and decides to invite you over for a drink or two at her place, what would you do? Would you accept her offer? Or decline? Some conservative males would say that they'd just get her number and invite her out on a date, but the majority would grab that chance, that spur of the moment opportunity to get a good lay from a woman who's oozing with so much sex appeal. In fact, some would even skip the drink and just get straight on with the sex, that's how groundbreaking this urge to have sex with strangers is.

Now we know most of you are wondering, what if this woman was a serial killer? Would they have changed their minds? We can honestly tell you now, that they wouldn't, even I wouldn't, and that's because when everything is set, and all his carnal desires have got into full swing, the only thing a man can think of, is having sex. And this is the case 99% of the time.

Interestingly, while men do think about having sex all the time, during this time, their guard is still up. By this we mean, men don't really cut completely loose even during sex. Some say that in bed, their senses are at an all time high therefore, they can sense if something is wrong or not. This just goes to show that men will never be half as trusting as the average woman.

However, you'd be surprised to find out that majority of the men we know would still take that chance of having sex with a stranger, all for the high of it. Regardless of what the consequences of this act would be, there is no shadow of doubt that men will just grab it and go.

Perplexing as it is, I think this only goes to show how volatile men are when it comes to sex. They'd risk it all, all because sex is on the line, and who doesn't want that anyway?