Signs That You're Too Nice


Have you ever had a woman tell you that you're just too nice? You're probably cringing just from reading those words, and if you're not - then you should be, because it is never a good thing to be told that you're too nice. What this means is that the woman is telling you that you are a soft pushover who can't be a man and take care of himself. Awful, right? Maybe this isn't always true but if you give a woman the impression that you are too nice - you're doomed. Follow these tips to avoid being that guy!

If you give a woman everything she wants too soon, she will take advantage of that even if she doesn't intend to, it just happens and it's human nature. Have some boundaries and balls. If you can't say no to a woman, you're screwed and not literally!

If you're too respectful, you're too nice. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Now this is where some men get it wrong. Chivalry is not dead. Open and hold the doors, offer to take her jacket, and pick her up at the front door instead of honking from the driveway. That is chivalry and sure, respectful as well. By being too respectful it is again, letting a woman take advantage of you. Saying no is one of the most important things a man can do in a relationship. If you're consistently apologising for silly, ridiculous things, this also gives the impression of being a sissy.Women want their men to ravish them sometimes if you know what I mean. You need to let them know that you can provide that.

Everyone loves compliments, but don't go overboard and yes, going overboard on compliments can happen. Telling women that they look nice and all that jazz is perfect and wonderful, However, consistently telling them that we're they are the most beautiful woman that you've ever seen and that they are the best thing that has ever happened to you is going to give a lack of confidence impression, as well as you being a desperate nice boy.
Be respectful and give compliments but do so in reasonable amounts. If you find yourself doing something too much, or saying things too often, cut back a bit. Women like nice guys with the strength to tell us off when we get a little out of hand.