Solo Sex Toys in the Sack


Ladies often have a secret drawer in their room where they stash all their dirty solo toys. Some have lotions and sensitisers; others have vibrators, dildos, handcuffs and whips. The list can go on and on and no one really knows what's in those drawers other than the owners. However, it is likely that there are some fun toys that can be brought into the bedroom.

Almost every girl has a vibrator that rocks their world. It doesn't mean that you don't satisfy them, or the vibrator is better, it's just that it is a different sensation and something to do when you're alone. Men masturbate whether their getting laid every day, and females do the same you just don't always know about it, or how often ladies really indulge in their solo fun. Vibrators are a great toy to bring to the bedroom because there are several positions where the clit is not reachable for clitoral stimulation. Get your girl to bring her clit tickler to bed and she will definitely surely explode beyond belief right in front, and all over you!

Lotions and lubes sound simple, but there are some really unique ones that your girl probably has for her solo fun. Clit sensitisers do just what they say. They make the clit extra sensitive for more pleasure and the biggest and best of orgasms. There are also lubes that add sensations such as tingling or warming and cooling effect that can be fun to bring into the bedroom! And don't forget about the lotions that can make your dick raging hard! Lotions and lubes aren't as simple and boring as you may think.

The difference between a vibrator and a dildo is that a vibrator is usually for clitoral stimulation. A dildo is often used to enter the vagina so your girl can have her way with herself. Why would you want a dildo to replace your dick in the bedroom? Well firstly, it wouldn't be replacing your dick at all. Ladies have more than one hole, and if she isn't up for some double penetration, using the dildo on your girl during foreplay gives you a whole new look at things literally.

Lastly, handcuffs and whips even blindfolds. Girls all have them well most have at least a sleep mask that they use for sleeping! Maybe they don't use them during their solo play, but I'm sure your lady has some of this kinky stuff! Why would you bring these into the bedroom? Isn't it obvious?