Spice it up!


It's natural for a relationship to come to a standstill once in a while, but what will make your relationship last is whether or not you can bring the excitement, passion and sex back into it. Here are some amazing ways for you to bring some spice back into the situation when the flame is dying out.

Grab a sexy coupon book or create your own and have your partner pick from them at random. Whatever she pulls out, you guys do. Whether it is a date night out at the cinema, or a date night in the bedroom.

Choose one another's outfit for a night out. Maybe it's just dinner, but choose what to wear for one another. This will ensure that you both look extremely sexy in the other's eyes.

Like the last tip, pick a sexy outfit for your girl to wear for you in bed. Maybe it's that lacy lingerie that you haven't seen her in for a year, or a French maids outfit, make an agreement that you get to pick and she has to wear.

Go on a road trip. No, you don't have to pack a suitcase and book hotels. Just jump in the car and go for a ride together.

Get sexy underwear, and no this isn't just for ladies. Those smelly old boxers that you've had for years aren't as sexy as you think. Find out if your woman likes boxers or briefs best and go buy a new, sexy pair! Hey! Maybe she'd like to see you in a thong!

Try something new in the bedroom. Sure, you've heard this before, but really do it! Maybe it's sex in public, sex on a beach or sex in the kitchen, find something that you haven't done sexually together as yet.

Watch porn together and get some ideas for your own sex sessions or even better, re-enact what you have just watched.

Sexting isn't just for teens. Send a random text message letting them know that you're thinking of them, or be even more specific and let them know exactly what you're thinking about and make it dirty.

A trip down memory lane can never fail. Spend a night watching your home videos together and taking a look at your old pictures. It'll make you both remember and reminisce about the good times you have had and will naturally make you want to create more.

Remember, the flame naturally dies out from time to time, but what matters is, if you can bring it back.