How To Start a French Kiss


You don't have to be finishing school to wonder if you're a good kisser or not. In fact, you should be wondering this throughout your life. After all, you want to keep your skills up to par, don't you? Remember that the kiss begins long before you're locking lips. Follow these tips to help you improve your pre-tongue sessions. And no, you don't have to be French to do this one properly!

Firstly, and obviously, you're going to want your breath, mouth, tongue, gums and everything in between feeling, tasting and smelling minty fresh. Brush your teeth, floss and use mouth wash. Consider what you've had to eat that day, and possibly repeat these steps again.

Appearance means a lot, especially when you will be face to face with someone, swapping spit. Shower, groom (all over - yes, down below is imperative) and spray some of that sexy aftershave that you have. No one wants to kiss a rubbish bin, or worse, an ashtray, so if you smoke, then butt out for the night!

If you're having dinner together, only eat onions and garlic if your date is eating them too. If you both have intensely flavoured foods, you both shouldn't notice the others breath. If in doubt, then play it safe and avoid all strongly flavoured foods completely. It can't hurt.

Women love to be comforted and protected. Hold her firmly, but gently. Place your hands on either side of her face, again, gently. Be sure not to approach this situation in an aggressive manner because then you will definitely not be getting anything but a slap in the face!

Remember to slightly tilt your head to the side. Neither of you want to bump noses and end up with a bloody nose. Can you say, mood kill? Angle your face slightly and slowly move forward until your lips are locked.

Now it's time for the tongue action to begin, but remember - just because you were perfect at the approach it doesn't mean that you can now go wild in her mouth. Everything mentioned in this article will go right out the window if you start moving your tongue like a fish out of water, or drooling all over her face like a hungry dog, so be sure to read up on your actual French kissing skills to complete the experience! After all, you definitely don't want to end a perfect evening with an awful goodbye, right?