Take That Sexting to The Next Level


There's nothing worse than sexting that sexy girl and being stuck in the sexting stage. You've been sending dirty messages and pictures back and forth for months now and you still can't seem to get it on. Follow these tips for taking your sexting to the next level, the next level being you actually getting laid, of course!

Once you have established your connection and relationship via sexting, it's time for you to start upping your game or you could potentially be stuck in that sexting stage and never come out of it. Wouldn't that be awful? It's imperative that you only promise things during a sext session that you will actually deliver in real life. If you're not willing to do the things you say, then don't promise her that you will. She will eventually notice your dishonesty and rule you out as being a coward and amateur, two of the things you never want to be in the eyes of someone you're trying to shag.

This also goes along with how descriptive you are. Don't describe your penis to be cockzilla if you're an average sized guy, because when she actually sees your cock, she will be extremely disappointed as she was expecting a massive one. If you aren't confident about a certain part on your body then leave the descriptive words out and save them for when you are describing what you are going to do to her. Pick and choose when you want to thoroughly describe something, but remember never to promise what you can't provide. If you can't walk the walk or talk the talk then you're definitely not going to get to shag the babe.

Now that you are both hot and horny and have been sexting for some time, t's time for you to make it happen, because remember, you're sexting for a reason. Sure, its great material for solo sessions but the ultimate goal is to get that babe over to your place for a night of frisky fun. You want to get her doing all the dirty things that she promised that she would do to you. You want to see all the parts that she took pictures of for you. However, even though she may also be looking for a good time, she's still a female and females need to be approached carefully when suggesting things. Instead of telling her to come over so you can get off, or even better yet, she can get you off, suggest that you want to hang out. Don't ask her to come to you, because after a great amount of sexting, she will feel like a call girl and this will not work in your favour. Make your moves and get to her place so you can turn all that sexting into real life fun!