Tips for Long Distance Intimacy


Long distance relationships can definitely be some of the hardest ones to maintain. Unfortunately due to the economy and lack of job positions available, more and more couples are being separated for long periods of times. However, just because you are separated it doesn't mean that you and your partner have to grow separate too. These tips will help keep that spice and intimacy within a relationship that long distance couples tend to lack.

Technology has not only allowed couples to remain in touch throughout their solo travels, but also keep the intimacy and spice within their relationship. It is recommended that each person in the long distance relationship should take the time to do little simple things, even if it isn't convenient for them at the time. After all, all you have are simple words, phone calls and video chats, right?

As mentioned, it may not always be convenient for you to send a text message or make a phone call to the partner that you are separated from due to distance, but it takes only a few seconds and can make a world of change. It allows you and your partner to feel connected and close, even though you may be thousands of miles apart.

Aside from simple texts and phone calls, be sure to make time for a longer conversation each week. This will help you feel that you are both still a part of one another's lives. This is very important and again, may not always be convenient but at least once a week, sit down, and talk about your week.

Video chats will also help you maintain that intimacy within your long distance relationship. Simply seeing one another smile and having a "face to face" conversation will provide that strength that you need to get through the time apart.

Of course, feel free to take advantage of technology for your sexual purposes as well. Being in a long distance relationship can cause a lot of sexual tension and frustration, and often causes a build up of jealousy. Save your solo sessions for when you are on the phone or computer with your partner. This will provide them with the confidence that you are still sexually attracted to them, and no one else. It will also help maintain the sexual attraction that you have for one another.

On the other hand, can you imagine how fantastic the sex will be when you are finally together again?