Tips on Using Anal Beads


There are three things that you need to keep in mind when experimenting with anal beads, relaxation, communication and lubrication.

These are essentials in every part of life, and yes, even when it comes to sex! Of course, there are some other things that you will want to consider when using anal beads, so read on and don't skip anything you want to enjoy your toy to the max, right?

Of course you are eager to take your new toy home and try it out, but you want to make sure that the string attaching the beads is strong enough. The last thing you want to happen is to(lose) one in the anus by accident. Also always check the surface to make sure there are no ridges or sharp pieces!

Are you wondering how communication comes into play when using anal beads? It sounds a little silly in the same sentence, but this is a tip that should not be skipped. Anal beads can be used alone as well as with a partner. Always remember to follow the body language. Feel free to help your lover out with more lube if they request it, or even ask them up front. Never just ram another bead in without asking your partner first. The element of surprise is usually amazing, but your lover will not appreciate this one. This also comes into play when removing the beads. Always get your partner's opinion first.

Lubrication is an obvious and absolute must when using anal beads. The more lube, the more pleasure and comfort so load that stuff on.

Relax. Whether you are using the anal beads, or your lover, relax and let the beads do the pleasing. Relaxing your muscles during insertion and removal is extremely important. Relax and enjoy the pleasant sensations running through your body.

Take your time. Sex filled fun should never be rushed, especially when experimenting and enjoying anal beads. Slowly entering the beads one at a time will enhance the sensation and pleasure.

When you are ready to pull the anal beads out, it is advised to do so in a straight line. Do not tilt them up, or down, not left or right. Just straight out is the best option, and never do so wildly and quickly.

Lastly, never make your own anal beads or find things around the home that can be used as an anal toy. Anal beads are specifically designed for comfort and safety with heavy duty, high quality materials and designs, so resist the urge when you're in the moment and wait until you can go to the sex shop.

Of course, don't forget to have fun with your sex toy and enjoy the ginormous amounts of pleasure you are about to experience.