Tips for Virtual Sex


Slowly, seductively removing your clothes for your partner over webcam or talking dirty on the phone can feel awfully unnatural and forced. However, this could be the one thing that will keep that long distance relationship together. Maybe your partner travels for work, or has moved completely. Whatever the circumstances may be in your specific relationship, just because you're miles away it doesn't mean the sex needs to stop... and it most definitely shouldn't! Follow these steps to get the best out of your virtual sex life!

The most intimate and fun way to remain sexually active and committed within your long distance relationship is by doing so over webcam. No, this doesn't mean sitting there and reminiscing over the dirty sexual times that you've had in the past. Webcam sex is the act of pleasuring yourself, for your partner, as they do the same at their end. It all starts with seductively removing your clothes in front of the lens and seducing yourselves together via cam until you both reach that amazing moment of climax and finish together. And there you have it, you've just had your first virtual sex experience. The benefits...? Well isn't that obvious!

If you or your partner aren't comfortable with webcam sex, it can make for an awkward session, and anything but sexy. A great alternative to virtual sex could be via chat. Think of it as exchanging all those dirty sex texts you send to one another over your mobile devices, but now you're doing so via being online and constantly until the point of, once again, climax. The benefit? This is a great option for those shy individuals that don't want to moan and groan via cam or phone.

Now, you may not feel completely comfortable with removing your clothes on camera for your partner, or maybe you simply don't trust the Internet as a whole and do not want to commit to such acts online. Either way, there are still other options for you. Although this option may be more expensive depending on the distance between you and your partner, phone sex is still an option. Similar to the other two steps, you are pleasuring yourselves for each other, while talking on the phone. The benefit? You get to hear one another moan and climax together.

Whatever your taste may be, continuing an active sex life with your partner while being separated for any length of time can help make your long distance relationship work!