Tips for Webcam Sex


With our world revolving around technology, it is no surprise that indulging in webcam sex with your partner is at the top of many people's "to-do" list. Even if you aren't in a long distance relationship, taking the time to get intimate with one another via webcam can definitely add the perfect amount of sex and spice into the relationship.

Like everything, there are some tips and rules that you will want to follow to ensure that both you and your partner fully enjoy the whole experience. Follow these tips to perform the best and sexiest webcam session imaginable!

Confidence is the key for everything! If you are awkwardly shy, it will definitely show as the viewer can see you, hence the "cam" part in webcam. Stay within your comfort levels and boundaries and have some type of plan or guidelines planned ahead. Of course, you will want to go with the moment, so feel free to change things up a bit if you need to.

Once you have an idea ready as to what you would like your webcam chat to consist of, have everything ready. Feel free to incorporate props such as pillows and blankets, to not only flirt and tease with,but to cover up your nude parts until you're ready to unveil. It's all about the build up and anticipation, so take your time.

Set the tone with music. Dancing in silence can be awkward as it is, and doing so naked is no different. Playing something in the background, but not too loudly, will help set the mood and will also cover any awkward sounds the body can sometimes make.

Test every angle that you plan to use prior to turning your webcam on for your partner to see. Cameras can add pounds and accentuate certain parts of the body, so be sure you know which angles are most flattering for you, and stick with those.

Before you turn that camera on, be ready. Have the music playing, your outfit on and your props ready. Take one last look in the mirror to make sure that you look as hot as hell and everything's perfect. Get into that sexy mindset, turn that webcam on and get ready to blow your partners mind, and hopefully more than just that!