Where to have watery Sex


Getting slippery wet and wild with a sexy babe in the summertime sounds absolutely amazing, but believe it or not, most people are stuck when trying to think of places to indulge in this dirty fantasy. Luckily for you, this article will give you several ideas that will have you and your partner ready for pleasure.

Of course, the most common place to have sex in water is in a pool. However, don't even consider a public pool because there are laws against that and you do not want to end up behind bars. Stick close to home with this one and preferably, make sure no one else is in the pool at the same time. You may not care if you have spectators, but they definitely will care about you adding extra liquids to the water that they're swimming in!

The shower or bath is always a great alternative. The best part about that is that you don't have to wait for good weather! Although you may not have a lot of space to work with, you have the privacy you (should) want and still experience the excitement of having sex in water. Plus, if both bodies aren't under water whilst indulging in this sexy session, it's safer for the both of you. Win/Win!

Having sex in the open water does sound the most appealing option, but unfortunately, it is also the most unsafe way to enter into that particular fantasy. Regardless if you are swimming in salt water or lake water, there is still going to be sand and dirt and who-knows-what floating in and around you. Doesn't sound so appealing now does it? As suggested previously, if you keep your bodies out of the water whilst going at it, then this will reduce the risk of getting infections and be safer for you.

There are tons of ways to have safe sex in water, but the best places to commit to such a sexy situation seem to be limited to three options. However, water is everywhere so if you find some large enough to dive into, then you can probably have sex in it.

Lakes and seas can be found everywhere, and most people have a bath or a shower. If you don't have the latter, then you're probably having a lot of trouble finding someone to join in with this fantasy of yours anyway aren't you!