Whipped Cream Fun


You've seen it in the movies so many times before, where the guy licks the whipped cream off of a girl's breasts, but did you know that there are so many other ways whipped cream can be used in a fun and sexy way? Read on for some sexy and scandalous ways to taste your partner! Sounds appetising!

Of course, the first and most common one is as mentioned above. Spray one another with the whipped cream and slowly lick it off. Take your time tasting every inch of one another's body.

Be more specific and don't only spray the goods. Spray your finger and have your girl lick it off, or even better, spray your cockmmmm.

Does your girl have cute little toes that love to be sucked? Spray them.

You have heard of those edible knickers right? Well, why not create your own? Spray some knickers on and lick them off!

Have a whipped cream fight in your kitchen. Kitchen sex is always great! Imagine all the spaces, ledges and places you can get wet, creamy and wild on!

After you've had some wild kitchen whipped cream sex, head to the shower to have even more whipped cream fun and to clean yourselves off, of course.

Blindfold your partner and spray places on your body where you want them to lick. Leave the blindfold on while they try to find their way around your body to the cream using nothing but their mouth.

Another option is to take the blindfold off. They still get the surprise of seeing where you want some sucking, kissing and licking, and you still get to be sucked, kissed and licked. It's a win/win situation.

Fruits and whipped cream are always amazing together. Enough said, right? Strawberries!

Why not go the whole hog and create a full body sundae with your whipped cream? Add chocolate sauce, fruit and I'm sure there are some many body curves that you can use as a sundae bowl. Just remember to use nothing but your mouth.

Spray here! Spray there! Spray up! Spray down! Spray everywhere! As long as you get to be the one to suck, lick and kiss it off. Just remember to not go overboard because there's nothing worse than being in bed with a stomach ache. You'd much rather be in bed with your girl, feeling great and enjoying some fun right!