Women Point out Their Erogenous Zones


Men have been bothered with the age old question. Where are a woman's erogenous zones? Some men claim to be experts on satisfying women, including the London escorts, but women unanimously agree that men aren't even close to knowing where the right spots are. The easiest way to answer the question presented above is by going straight to the source: women.

It's better to learn from women their source of pleasure, aside from the commonly known clitoris, so men won't have any more excuses to not satisfy women. Satisfying women is a lot more difficult than men think. Heck even women as professional as the London escorts won't be aroused if a man fumbles and stumbles his way in the bedroom.

One of the most overlooked woman parts by a man is the back of the knee. Many find it weird that the back of the knee is an erogenous zone. Surprise her with a gentle peck there. Do this when she's lying on her stomach. It'll give her a tickling sensation.

It's common for men to develop a foot fetish. There's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish, what's sad is men don't use it enough to their advantage. Women appreciate a good foot massage. The key to giving a sensual rub is to not tickle. Allow her foot to adjust to your rub by starting from her ankle then make your way to her toe. Women reveal that the middle toe is extra sensitive. Be sure to concentrate on that.

Inner and back thighs are major points of nerves. Gently caress these parts with your fingers to warm her up. After she convulses with pleasure, use your tongue to push her over the edge.

Try kissing her sides and rib cage. These parts aren't really paid attention to. The only time her sides and rib cage are actually caressed is when she's cleansing them in the shower. Lead your nose onto these parts and gently kiss them.

Aside from the clitoris, the next best female part to pay attention to is the breasts. Women would like men to know that they don't like it when you squeeze too hard and pinch too hard. Treat her breasts as you would treat her face, gently and with respect.

You can make a girl respond without using your mouth. With a simple caress of her inner arms with your fingers, she'll immediately feel aroused.

Men think her ears are good for only whispers of, "What's my name?" and "You like that, baby?" Contrary to that belief, ears are pinpoint areas to turn her on. The back of her ears are especially arousing when kissed and stroked.

Men fail to recognize the neck as one of the most erotic female body part. Caress and kiss her there to let her know what your intention is. If you do it well enough, she's yours for the night.