Tough Love

If you are a parent you would understand the term tough love, even though this term could be used for other persons such as London Escorts, today we use it in terms of raising children.

All parents want for their children is for them to have a better life than they had and to obtain the opportunities that they did not. Does it therefore mean that as a parent you should spoon feed your children giving them everything that their hearts desire? My answer to this is no.

If we give our children everything then they become dependent on us therefore not learning the skills that they themselves would need to make a life for themselves in the “real” world. As a parent we need to be just that a parent not a friend because that is who your children would need to guide them through life until they are old enough to make sound decisions on their own.

Tough love is the hardest kind of love to dish out, especially when it comes to London Escorts, but if you want to see progress and great results sometimes we need to use this tactic. On more than one occasion my son has told me he doesn’t like me because I disciplined him but I told him, “It is ok you don’t have to like me. When you grow up you would thank me for caring enough to keep you on the right track.”

Giving tough love sometimes hurts you as a parent especially since most times your children get upset, angry or even cry when you are sharing this love but stay strong and remember the reason why you are being tough on them. Being tough on them does not mean that you never show them love it just means that sometimes you have to learn to let go in order for them to grow up.

Always explain to your children why you are doing certain things that affect them directly. Some persons may disagree with me on this say well they are the parent and they don’t need to but if you want to have open communication with your children then this would be the best way to go. The reason for this is that they deserve to know why you are objecting to what they want instead of them thinking that you are always against them for no reason.

It is better to have your children hate you now, trust me they get over it, than having them blame you later on when they are in rehab or jail because they thought you were not strict enough when they were younger.

Allow your values to flow over into your tough love for your children, remember they are the future and one day they become our leaders so take the time now to guide them.