Two Girls, One Man Positions

Threesomes and group sex offers a variety of sexual positions that will cover every area that you want to be stimulated. If you are the lucky man who is indulging in a threesome with two girls, then every man's dream with these sexy positions!

The oral d: This is the position where one female is lying down on her back. You are in full control of her vagina, whether you want to put your head in between her legs and perform oral, or you just want to have sex. The other female will stand over the head of the woman lying down and she receives oral. Spice it up and get the girl receiving oral from the other girl to help you out when seducing the one lying down.

The steam double train: Sounds sexy already, doesn't it? Have one female on all fours as you have your way with her from behind. She will then perform oral on the other female from behind. Think of it as everyone being in the doggy style position. It's a double doggy style train, hence the name. Spice it up and have the ladies switch positions!

The double oral: This is the perfect position for the individual(s) that enjoying getting the other off with their mouth only. Have one of the females lay down on her back, arching it so her knees are beside her head (as much as possible) and her butt is up in the air. As the other female licks the arsehole or vagina of the woman, you take the other entry hole and use your mouth to make her explode.

The double tech: There's nothing like receiving oral as you deliver oral and this is exactly what one of the females will be doing. Have one female lay on her back, with her head off the bed. This gives you the perfect angle to put your cock as far down her throat as you can,while the other woman performs oral on the woman sucking you off.

The chain: Despite the name of this position, there are no props that are mandatory for this position as your bodies will be forming the chain. Lay on your back and have one of the females sit on your face, as the other sits on your penis.

Now there are a ton of other positions that you can try for your session with two girls, but these are definitely some that will get you started and well on your way to becoming an expert in group sex.