Two Men, One Girl Positions

What a lucky female, she gets to have two men have their way with her both at the same time! Sounds absolutely fabulous but of course you want it to be amazing for you as well! Try these positions to get the most out of your threesome with a female, and another male. You can always change positions to suit your personal desires, fantasies and preferences, but remember to never put a limit on your creativity.

The double position is probably one of the most common threesome positions involving two men and one woman. As the woman is lying on her back, one man gets to enter her vagina, or anus as the other sits on her face and has his balls licked. However, if this isn't your thing, feel free to get the female to lean her head over the bed which will then give you the perfect position for your penis to enter deep into her mouth and throat. The other version of this position is having the man who gets to have sex with the woman, perform oral on her instead.

The sandwich and vertical sandwich are the exact same position, only one is done lying down, while the other one is done kneeling. One man gets to take the woman from behind as the other gets to take her from the front. For the best entry for the man having sex with the woman's vagina from the front, raise one of her legs up which will then allow flawless entry.

The anal intruder is an amazingly dirty position. Of course, it doesn't have to be the anus being penetrated on the female, but rather her vagina. As mentioned, feel free to change these positions to suit your personal desires and fantasies. This position is also a very common threesome position. Have the woman on all fours as one man has sex with the female, as the other receives oral.

Of course, there are a great amount of positions that you can try, but these ones will definitely get you well on your way to perfecting a threesome with another man, and woman. Feel free to switch things around and have fun with your female! Threesomes are supposed to be wild, fun and crazy so definitely don't put any limits on your creativity, or pleasure! Let your inner porn star come out and you definitely won't regret it and neither will your dick!