Types of Body Paint

There are several different kinds of edible body paint that will definitely satisfy every fantasy, need and desire that you have. Using edible body paint is a great way to spice up things in the bedroom, or bring you a new and exciting form of foreplay. The options are endless, with tastes, tools and sweet spots on the body, so you get to explore a whole new world using your partner's body, as well as letting them explore yours in ways you only ever dreamed about.

Finger body paint has to be the most fun type of art that you can use in the bedroom. Pay attention to the name finger body paint and you'll quickly see why it is the one of the most enjoyable options out there. Instead of using a brush, you get to slide and rub your fingers along your partners body as you prepare them to be licked and sucked in unimaginable ways and places.

Body paint can also come in a spray can, which does take away from the whole preparation stage, however, the taste is unbelievably amazing, and if you are eager to get started with the licking, then this is a fast way to get your partner all sweetened up for you.

Edible body paint can also come in tube-form which tends to be a bit messier, but who's to say that is a bad thing? Squirt that body paint all over your partner and use whatever enters your imagination to decorate them! Be creative with what you use as your paintbrush and you will never want to enter the bedroom without having some artsy fun!

Of course, there is sexy body paint that includes art tools with it such as brushes and sponges, which is perfect if you are doing a numbers countdown on your partner as it allows precise places to be painted.

Now sometimes there is not enough time or desire to wait, or go out and get actual edible body paint, so feel free to rummage through your fridge and see what you have. Syrup, such as chocolate, honey or fudge can be the perfect tasty treat for you, as well as whipped cream and icing.

Whatever you use, you will definitely enjoy the treat that you and your partner deserve and desire! Feel free to intensify the treat and add sweet toppings such as cut up berries or chocolate chips! Take care of that sweet toothed craving in the most pleasurable way possible!