The verbal connection

Words can be the strongest and most powerful tools in any person’s life and where, when and how we use them really matters. Women, more than men are very sensitive with words. Be it a friend, a sweetheart, or your newly found London escort, They all like talking and they all want to be listened to. They let out their emotional frustrations and excitements using words and as much as this is true, they also want to listen and they become very keen listeners at times. Whatever you say about her, and to her, what you do and what you notice, can really secure her true understanding of you and your feelings towards her.

Be a ladies’ man in a unique kind of way. Make her feel unique in your presence and appreciate her. Make sure you are keen in noticing her uniqueness in comparison to other women. By picking out the details, placing them on the table and examining them, you will have enough arrows in your quiver to launch line after line of making her feel like a woman. Use the simplest tools you can get. Asking and noticing. What did she do last night? How did she bite her lip the last time you were together? What did she wear last Sunday when she was out? These are simple but powerful things that can make her really know you are keen.

Always remember to appreciate her. Maybe she took extra care when getting ready for you after you asked her out and she appeared looking drop dead gorgeous, not just to you, but to the many heads that turned to steal a glance at her. Everything about her is looking extra sharp and for the first time she makes you go crazy and you may even be stuck for words. Let her know how you feel and repeat it a few days later to make her know that you were serious.

Now, how you let her know that you appreciate her efforts and appearance. Still, be very much aware of her feelings towards her natural appearance. If for example she isn’t that comfortable with the way she looks at the moment, don’t just go and let her know you know it. Simply tell her that you think she is beautiful and you appreciate her the way she is. Don’t do it to make her feel good, it would be an emotional disaster for her to realise that you weren’t sincere. Tell her because you mean it - because she deserves it.