VIP Service with a Petite Submissive Escort in London

It was early in the morning when I got an email from a man named Connor, a business executive who was coming to London for a few days and wanted a Busty escorts on his arm. He provided me a picture and a brief bio of himself as well as the dates and times that he would be requiring my escort services.

I sent him an email back, he was different than many of my customers, quite a bit younger probably his mid-thirties by his picture, and his bio confirmed that. He wasn't different in the work he did however, I was used to men who would expect discretion from me, as well as be able to hold intelligent conversations with him and his friends. We set up our first appointment to meet the day after he landed, so he could settle into his hotel and rest before meeting with anyone.

I walked into a little café in London, near the hotel that he was staying at, the barista knew me, and she already put my drink order in. Unlike many other London escorts I was not in something skimpy, but instead I had on a silk blouse, a pencil skirt, and kitten heels. But that didn't keep me from looking any less beautiful. I had always been complimented on my smooth skin, long brown hair that fell in waves down my back, my bright blue eyes, and if I had not been so short, I would likely have been able to be a model.

I grabbed my drink from the counter and found a table at which to sit down and waited for Connor. When he walked in, I noticed him right away, the picture certainly was accurate which I was a bit surprised about, he nodded to me as he got his own drink, and eventually sat down across from me.

"Zoe, it's a pleasure to meet you," he said with a smile to me, I smiled back, my charm already in place for the man I would spend a lot of time with over the next few days. "I don't often do this, I had a girlfriend that I used to bring on these trips, but she denied my proposal. After that I took some time to get over her, but people are expecting me to bounce back, and I certainly wouldn't mind some company from a beautiful escort." I nodded as he explained his situation, I had heard many things like it over the months I had been working. It wasn't a problem for me, I would be that beautiful companion at his side, and in his bed if he asked for that. All of those details he knew from reading about me, I didn't find it polite to say what I would or would not do in person, he knew all the limitations already.

"I am sorry to hear that Connor, I hope that I can make this trip a little better for you, I understand how difficult it can be to get back in the dating scene," I smiled, this would be considered a date, a nice girl he probably met on Tinder or Bumble.

He nodded and we sat there chatting until we had both finished our coffees. "If you would come with me, I want to get you ready for the little function that has been planned tonight," he said before standing up, and offering his hand to me. I had planned to go back to my apartment to get dressed, but if this meant a little bit of shopping, how was I to say no?

I stood in front of the door to the changing room, letting Connor's eyes rove my body, of course he would be choosing the outfit I would wear tonight. He had already told me he was dominant in the biography that he sent to me, and I would be his submissive Escort for the days that he was here. The dress was black, it was perhaps a bit revealing but no more than any of the other dresses we would likely be seeing tonight. I was still to look like an appropriate date for him, I wasn't supposed to look like someone he was paying.

He nodded at the dress before standing up. "We'll get this one, let me help you," he said before he ushered me back into the changing room, no one was around, and the privacy certainly made him feel like he could do more. I certainly didn't mind as his fingers reached up to pull down the zipper and he pushed his body against mine. "You're the most beautiful London escorts I have ever had" he whispered before nipping my ear causing a little moan to escape my lips.

He chuckled as his hands ran down my sides, over my hips, and back up again before he pushed the sleeves of the dress down my arms. His touch left goose bumps along my skin, and his body pressed me against the wall. His mouth moved from my ear and down to the column of my throat, pushing my chin up so he could kiss me there easily.

It was obvious to me that he was needy, that it had been a long time since he had been with a woman, though he was still very skilled. I reached out for his crotch, but he took hold of my hand. "No, Zoe, I don't think so. You'll get me when I am ready, and not before." A blush coloured my cheek, most men even when they claimed to be dominant would want me to make a move, especially after they had done something. It had been a long while since someone had refused my touch.

He continued to kiss my body but had now kissed down to my breasts, his hands had stopped roving and he pushed my dress down along my body so that it could fall down to the floor. He lifted me up for just a moment before using his body to hold me to the wall, my legs wrapped around him. Apparently, that was the appropriate response as he ground against me, letting me know just how much he already wanted me.

One of his hands slipped between us, ran along my inner thigh before heading to my centre, which was surprisingly wet. His finger slipped inside of me, and I moaned my hips bucking, which caused him to chuckle again. He inserted another finger into my cunt, stroking his fingers in and out of me, a constant stream of moans escaping me. "Hush, Zoe, you don't want to get caught now, do you?" He chided as he slowly pulled his cock out of his pants. I whimpered as his fingers moved inside me, my cunt squeezing around them, my body needing him more than it had needed someone in quite some time. And then he plunged in, his cock filling me to the brim.

He gave me a few brief seconds to adjust to his length and his girth before he began to stroke in and out of me, my cunt squeezing him whenever he moved out, wanting him to stay buried deep inside.

It wasn't like I hadn't done these things before, many men liked sex in public, and this was a pretty secure place in which to do it. But the looks that he gave me to keep quiet, the nips to my shoulder, that urged me to become louder, competed against each other. Making my cunt drip with excitement. His body pushed mine against the wall, his body moving into me, slowly, tantalizingly, making me want him even more. He wasn't increasing his pace, he seemed to want to take it slow, savour the experience, that was until he went to that little bundle of nerves at my centre.

Luckily, he had leaned forward to capture my lips with his own before I had moaned loudly, it would have likely caught the attention of someone in the store. His tongue rubbed against my own, I hadn't mentioned that I was an FK escort (french kissing escort) but at this point I really didn't care. All of the sensations he was causing in me sent pleasure rolling under my skin, I wouldn't last long. My cunt squeezed expertly around him, making sure that he would get the same release that I was, it was my job after all, but he seemed ready to resist all of my efforts as he continued to play with my clit.

I couldn't hold myself back any longer, and the whimpering moan I left in his mouth let him know that I came, if he hadn't been able to tell from the spasms in my cunt or the wetness coming out of me. He smiled against my lips as he buried himself deep inside of me, and came, he groaned but was mostly quiet.

Connor pulled quickly out putting his cock back in his pants as he looked me over. "It looks like this will be a good trip." I could only nod in response.