What Does She Want?

There are a lot of things in the world that women want. Some, that can't always be provided, but most of them definitely can. The only problem is that women, more times than not, do not tell their men what they want, so how are they supposed to know, right?

The things women want the most, are things that you can provide. They are things that are simple and often overlooked, well, by men anyway! Follow these little tips and you'll be well on your way to a happier girl and a happier relationship.

A woman likes to be reassured by tactile actions. She may not ask for it, or tell you that she wants it, or even act like anything's wrong, but you need to take the initiative to go out of your way and do simple things like touching her waist, kissing her slowly, hugging and holding her. Win extra brownie points by cupping her face in your hands as you kiss her. It will show her that you are emotionally in tune with her.

Women also tend to pick up on things and overanalyse things that men most definitely don't. They will notice how you introduce them to your friends and colleagues, and how you act around the guys. Remember when she is around, and adjust your attitude accordingly. This doesn't mean be a complete twat and kiss her all over in public, it just means that she just wants to be noticed, and noticed as YOUR girl.

One of the biggest complaints women have within their relationships is that they feel like the communication isn't there. Satisfy her by actually talking to her. Don't just give her "MmmHmm's" and "uh huh's", engage in the conversation you are having and provide feedback. Share secrets with her and most importantly, remember to laugh together.

Little things, believe it or not, do go a long way. Sending a simple text message in the morning or even during the day, letting her know that you're thinking of her, will make her smile ear to ear. Take long walks, leave her a note in her car or kiss in the rain. Little things definitely mean the most to females.

Kiss her in more places than just her lips. Kiss her on her cheek, her forehead, nose and hand. These simple things are extremely romantic in a woman's mind and will make her beam ear to ear.

If all the previous things seem too difficult, then start with the basics. It's simple. Women don't want you to lie and they most definitely don't want you to cheat. After all, you have them as your girlfriend for a reason. If you don't want to lose her, make her happy. It really doesn't take much.