Want to Last Longer?

Did you know that the average man could only last 5-10 minutes in bed before exploding into pure ecstasy? 5-10 minutes of pure pleasure doesn't sound so bad after all, but a large percentage of men (over 70%) wish that they could improve their sexual endurance and actually last longer than they do now. The longer the better, right?

Masturbate. Yes, that was an intentional mistake! Jack off, wank, whatever you want to call it, just master the world of masturbation. Focus on cumming with the mental image of a woman cumming for you, and don't let yourself hit the point of no return until you have reached 15 minutes. Of course, it may take a bit to build up to that full 15, but it'll be worth it. Once you have mastered the act of masturbation, you will be able to master that pussy in bed.

When you are about to reach climax, and if it's too soon for you, squeeze just under the head of your penis. No, this won't look weird. Most women find it sexy when a man "manhandles" their member. Squeezing hard just under the head will push the blood out of the penis, which will delay your ejaculation a little bit more.

Work out your kegel muscle. Yes, men have kegel muscles as well. You can practice tightening your kegel muscles by squeezing them to cut off your urine, and releasing them to continue. It sounds a little ridiculous, but it works! Practice this whenever and wherever you can.

Having your girl on top allows for less penetration on your penis. If she goes slowly, this will also delay your moment of ejaculation. The faster and harder the thrust, the faster you'll cum.

If all else fails, tease her. It will be a break from penetration for your cock, and your partner will actually have no idea that you are "taking a break" so you don't cum too soon. Simply press and tease her clit with your cock. Slowly move it around her and press the tip onto her clit. When you are inside of her, penetrate slowly and not too deeply to help you hold back.

At the end of the day, women don't want a man who can go for an hour! As long as you can work yourself up to a good 10 to 15 minutes, then you and your woman will both be satisfied for the perfect amount of time.