Watford Baby Making Facility

His mistress pulled his leash until he stood. She was taller than him in her 9 inch stiletto heels and he looked up at this tall blonde woman. "This will be a new experience for you," she said, "and I don't care what you think. You will stand still and be a good boy, otherwise you will be punished. Do you understand Slave?" "Yes, Mistress" was all he was allowed to say. "Good."

She opened a door and they entered a small room. At the centre of the room was a small podium and she pulled him onto it. He got on the podium and saw the straps. There were two on the floor and two hung from the ceiling. She attached a strap to each of his wrists and ankles and moved to the wall. She pressed a button and the straps began to move away taking up the slack. He was pulled until his arms and legs were as far out from his body as they would go. His body now formed a large "x".

She left the room leaving him there. By now he had grown used to the waiting. He tried not to wonder what would happen to him. It no longer mattered. Later, the door opened again. He blushed. As in walked his mistress and two other people - a man and a woman, they held hands, obviously a couple. "Have a seat," she told them.

She walked back to the platform and stood next to the slave. She touched his body rubbing his chest and grabbing him by the cock. "This is Slave," she said stroking him and making his cock drip with

precum. "He's beautiful," the woman said. I think he'd be perfect," his mistress said, "He's never done this before so you'll be the first." The woman looked at the man she came in with and they nodded to each other. They were still holding hands. "Ok," the man said to the Mistress.

The woman got on the platform with the slave and moved closer so that she was standing directly in front of him. "I'm nervous," she said. "So is he," she told her. The woman touched the slave's body rubbing his chest and touching his tender nipples. He moaned lightly. The Mistress reached his hand out for the man. "William," she said, "come here now." William came up onto the podium with the other two and she took his hand and placed it on the slave's chest along with the woman's. "I'm not gay." William said. "Remember." she said, "you're here for your wife and she needs you to be part of this experience."

William leaned over and kissed his wife. "It's alright honey," he said, "I'm here with you."

She nodded and the slave looked down to see her raise her skirt. She took a step forward and gripped his shoulders. The slave was much taller than her and she used him to pull herself up slightly then she lowered herself and they both gasped as she impaled herself on his erect cock. He was caught off guard by this and struggled in his bonds for a moment. "Easy, boy," his mistress said. He felt the woman move up and down on his cock, picking up pace. He moaned at the feeling. She moved up and down on him and as she did the man, her husband, gripped him firmly by the nipples.

"I was told you like this," William said to him. He twisted the slave's nipples and as he did he knew he would cum soon. William shoved his cock into the slaved arsed in one swift movement. His eyes widened finally understanding. "Cum in my wife," William said to him, "Give us our baby."

He could hold back no longer. The entire thing took less than five minutes. He shot then deep within her and she continued to ride him up and down talking every last drop. He moaned as she took his seed.

Finally, she pulled off his cock and again they both gasped. She lay down on the platform then at his feet. The Mistress released each of his restraints and attached the leash to his collar and pulled him from the platform. As he left he saw William get down with his wife and begin to kiss her. "Make love to your wife," the mistress said pulling the slave from the room, "then it will be your baby."