The Watford Gap

I've been doing the rounds in Watford for some time now and I know many girls from various agencies. There was rivalries and contention from time to time but on the whole we look out for each and keep our backs covered. So imagine my surprise when Mady an experienced 30 year old escort from a rival agency passed me her client she had picked up. I needed the work as it was a quiet evening however Mady was sketchy with the details she gave me regarding this client, so I wondered what was in store.

I meet Demetrious and we drove off in his car to a local hotel, he was very nervous and said he'd not met me before and how Mady always seemed too busy to see him these days, we made small chat until we reached the room. We had a few drinks from the minibar, I relaxed him and decided it was time to unwrap him from his gown and see what the fuss was about. It was apparent immediately, Demetrious had an abnormally small cock you'd almost think he didn't have one. I actually felt sorry for him and cross that Mady could not give this man some sort of relief, he was even paying for it for god's sake.

Can you make me cum he asked timidly, well if you've got the cum then I have the technique and I will give you an unforgettable time I told him boldly. I crossed my fingers and hoped I could keep my promise, most size problems are usually due to large dicks and not small. So I decided to take him to the extreme and give him an experience he hadn't actually requested but would suit him beautifully, I would treat him like a women but without him realising that. The gap in his legs which should have been filled with beautiful phallic meat instead of the void this poor chap had. It would be set alight with my pussy, mouth, some handy tools and years of fucking knowledge I had.

I started massaging his body, caressing him, nuzzling and nibbling his neck and trailing small kisses down in a straight line from his chest to abdomen. He groaned with pleasure as his little cock twitched and danced, begging to be touched. I licked all the way from crack to sac, I dived my tongue in and around the head treating the tip like it was a clit. I sucked his ball sac in my mouth and felt them grow heavy, I plunged my mouth down the foreskin swirling it around like a woman's labia. In fact thinking he was a female aroused me and I grew wet at the very thought. I'd not been with a woman for so long and it was long overdue, so tonight both of us would be satisfied.

He gave a shocked gasp as I gently parted his arse cheeks and inserted my thumb, I hooked it forwards searching for his prostrate and manipulated the area. He said but I'm not gay, I told him he had a lot to learn and to trust me. He relaxed and started moaning as I slipped more fingers in, I felt his sphincter give way to welcome this intrusion but he needed more. He needed to come several times yet. I removed my fingers and reached into my case till I found a large vibrator.

I straddled him in reverse cowgirl letting my vulva rest against his cock, circling my hips and letting my juices slide around to lubricate his shaft and balls. I encourage him to reach around and play with my tight perky breast, he handled my nipples like a pro and almost made me cum in this way, but the pleasure belonged to him. I could feel him squirming and getting tighter and tighter I knew he wanted to cum but I was going to make sure it was worth paying for.

I scooped globs of my pussy and his precum juice and massaged it into his ring piece and once he was ready I swiftly inserted the vibrator deep into his bowels and jacked it up high then low. In and out I plundered his ass, hard and soft, fast and slow vibrations, all the time sliding on his sac. With a huge groan he came, for such a small cock he had no issues in shooting his seed, I could feel him splashing the walls of my cunt and I imagined it was a girl squirting over my pussy.

As he came I held tight in place the vibrator till he could take no more and he was begging for the sensations to stop, he couldn't handle it any more, well at least until he had recovered. We fucked in this manner for hours on end and I even gave him the vibrator as a parting gift along with my direct agency number. We enjoyed each other and got what we needed form each other. Mady's loss my gain.