Women and their love for their men

In a woman’s world it takes only the little things to please her. Yes, at times we love the huge expensive gifts but we are quite contented when you do little things for us. It shows that you are perceptive to our needs and we totally love you for it. I’m not sure if a London escort would feel the same way though.

Women love when men are responsible fathers. Nothing turns on a woman more than seeing a man rolling on the ground play with his children. It shows us what is important in your life and you are not afraid to show it.

Women love when men get along with their mothers. How you treat your mother will let us know how we will be treated so if you treat with your mother well and you guys have a great relationship we know that we are in good hands.

Women love when men keep us safe. When you hold us during the times that we are afraid we feel a lot safer especially in a black out. We just love to snuggle at these times and you make it possible for us to do so.

Women love when men dress nicely. It’s a breathe of fresh air when women walk down the road with their men folk and he gets stares from other women. It shows that you care about your appearance, not being too vain though, and this is how to represent all aspects of your life.

Women love when men are polite. Nothing impresses a woman more when a man could be a gentleman, opening doors and pulling out our chairs. This makes us feel special as well as want to reward you in some way, wink, wink. I know that the London escort will definitely love this one.

Women love when men show their emotions. Whether it is by showing your sister how much you care or letting a tear fall on your wedding day a man who is in tune with his emotions are very attractive. It shows that he follows his own rules and he’s not afraid of what others think. Now that is a real man!!

Women love men who have a sense of humour. Despite what life throws your way a woman loves the company of a man that could make her laugh. Life is way to short not to have a good laugh every now and again especially if it’s at yourself.

There are a lot of others reasons why women love their men. Just keep doing the things that you do and you’ll continuously have her falling head of heels in love with you every time.