A Working Girl at Play in Rickmansworth

As in any vocation, levels of competence differ between different sex workers. In respect of competence at her work, Sara excelled.

Like many other escorts, she advertised herself on the internet, with photographs of her scantily clad body and a brief description of her character and specialist services repeated across a number of different escort pages - all purporting to be the best of their genre and to advertise the most impressive selection of escorts in the Rickmansworth area.

Attracted by her appearance, service and price lists, I dialled the cellular phone number on the advertisement and my anticipation began to rise.

The feminine allure in Sara's sonorous voice and deliberately suggestive tone encouraged me to pursue an appointment with her. We agreed to meet at my flat in an hour. I gave her the address of my A Rickmansworth flat and hung up the phone.

I always felt a little apprehensive when going to see a new escort girl for the first time. There was always the same concern; what if I'm being lured by the promise of fleshy fulfilment, into some kind of dangerous scam or trap? One would have tenuous recourse to the law in view of the initial nature of ones involvement. The police have seen all such things many times and have little sympathy for the victims of these circumstances.

My fears were somewhat allayed when I buzzed Sara into the foyer of her my apartment building. Any doubts I had were dissolved completely when Sara's beautiful face peaked around the door, framed with fine long, brown, healthily shining hair.

Save for the ever-present initial worry of being scammed or harmed or both, after my very earliest encounters, I never became nervous at the prospect of an approaching appointment with an escort girl, afraid of the shame of being discovered by my peers or friends perhaps, but never nervous. On the contrary, I become exceptionally excited, both sexually and emotionally.

The ritual of discovering, contacting, arranging to meet and successfully rendezvousing with a new lady was always a source of excitement in itself. Each step in the process had its own unique form of pleasure. The excitement I felt was not dissimilar to the kind I felt as a child at the prospects of visiting friends or opening Christmas gifts.

On each foray into the illicit world of hired sexual pleasure, the two types of excitement, the adult male base sexual stimulation and the childish anticipation of a treat about to be had, seemed to cohabitate happily in the same space in my spirit.

The arousal and excitement that accompanied the beginning of each new encounter would cause my mouth to become dry and my voice to adhere obstinately to my throat, only allowing a horse croak to escape in place of speech, as if I'd spent too long a time in a desert with insufficient drinking water. My first visit with Sara was no exception.

After the familiar ritual of offering me the welcome relief of a drink of water and asking a few polite questions concerning the progress of my day, my age and my occupation, Sara, detecting my state of agitation, asked me gently if I was nervous.

Many of the working girls I have met have asked me the same question, mistaking my excited breathlessness for nerves. As I finished my glass of water, I assured Sara - less croakily now - that I was fine. I then took her present from my pocket placed it on table.

As she leant over to pick up the gift, I saw briefly down her top. As I'd requested, she was wearing no lingerie and her breasts hung down inside her black dress, small and creamy, tapering deliciously into pink pointed nipples just visible in the recesses of her clothing.

She smiled - apparently genuinely - when she caught my gaze lingering on her attractive cleavage as she stood up and began to count the paper bundle. Once satisfied with the total, she slipped her feet out of her high-heeled shoes, stepped close to me, took my head in her hands and kissed me gently on the mouth. I relaxed at that point and tentatively returned her kiss.

One never knows how deeply to kiss an escort girl. If they are willing to kiss on the lips at all, most working girls will kiss gently on the lips being sure never to open their mouths or allow the involvement of either party's tongue in the act. A very few escorts will allow kissing with tongues although they will prevent particularly passionate kissing by closing their mouth when the level of penetration of the client's tongue in their mouth becomes deeper as he becomes increasingly inflamed. A tiny minority of girls will participate in full deep and passionate kissing, mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue.

Sara kissed my lips and put her saliva coated tongue deep inside my mouth, finding my tongue and gently caressing it with hers. She rolled my lips between her own and sucked my tongue suggestively as if she were sucking a different part of me.

I began to fondle her body through her dress. I moved my hands over her muscular back and firm buttocks. I caressed the sides of her body and her beautiful neck. I ran my fingers through her long soft brown hair. I moved one hand around to her chest and lewdly groped her beautiful firm breasts.

With my other hand, I explored her buttocks again and gently inched my fingers in and further under her body to where I knew the softness of her cunt was hidden beneath the thin covering of the material that I was thrusting gently against it.

She continued to kiss me with steadily (and brilliantly executed) apparently mounting passion, her kisses intermingled with the odd erotic feminine moan and muffled squeal as I moved my fingers over her genitalia through the dress. She did not resist as I put gentle pressure on her labia, massaging them with the folds of her dress and occasionally gently gripping her inner thighs with the top halves of my fingers, before moving my hand back to the warmth of her pussy beneath the fabric.

Her hand moved to my crotch where she adeptly discovered my hardness and began deftly massaging it through my trousers and underwear.

After a short while, she gently disengaged herself from our lustful embrace and knelt down before me smiling flirtatiously. I stiffened further with anticipation Sara quickly had my trousers down around my ankles and waited for me to step out of them. She then began kissing and sucking my genital region through my underwear. The sensation of stimulation and anticipation of the eventual contact of bare flesh on bare flesh was intensely pleasurable at the same time as almost unbearable in its tantalising indirectness. After a while, Sara slowly slid my underwear down my legs, allowed me to step away from them, Clear Pre-ejaculatory semen dripped sluggishly down my shaft. Sara took my swollen penis in her hand and used her fingers to spread the sticky fluid over my cock and testicles.

She then slowly took my cum-soaked scrotum delicately into her mouth and massaged it with her warm tongue, never taking her erotically mischievous gaze from my eyes.

My arousal increased as she sucked and kissed my scrotum, the softness of her flattened tongue occasionally crawling down to cover my perineum with a stimulating warm fleshy moistness and a delightful erotic teasing of my anus with its soft wet tip. All the while, my sperm dribbled down my erection in a succession of small thick droplets which Sara enthusiastically lapped up as she tasted each salty trickle on her lips.

Each time she took a drop of my pre-cum in her mouth, I couldn't help fleetingly wonder whether she was actually ingesting it or simply spreading it over the highly sensitive skin of my genital area as she sucked and massaged it.

As if she could feel the progress of the arousal that I felt and understand my desire perfectly, she seemed to know exactly when her work was done on my balls and that it was time to move up me to harder places. She delicately licked and nibbled the base of my shaft just above my scrotum for a minute or so then just as my climax approached, she took me in her mouth and down her throat. I felt her tongue, throat and lips in a perfect combination of moisture, warmth and rhythmic sliding of flesh on flesh, on the top and at the front of my glans and up and down my shaft.

I came after what seemed like only seconds of my erection sliding in and out of her warm wet mouth as she expertly moved her head back and forth, taking my penis deep down her throat and pulling it back out, running her tongue and lips down its length as it withdrew from her mouth. Spurts of my thick load erupted from my glans and landed in her opened mouth and on her lips and chin where they began to stream down her neck into the cleavage of her beautiful tits and wet the fabric of her dress where flesh met clothing on her chest.

As my orgasm subsided, Sara licked the cum from her lips, took my cock in her mouth and massaged it with her throat and tongue, cleaning my mess with her saliva. When I'd stopped cumming and Sara had squeezed the last milky drops from the head of my penis and I began to soften in her mouth, Sara got up and wiped the remaining drops from her face with a tissue that she took from a box near the table.

'You must've been saving that up', she said with an impressed tone. 'That was a big load'. I confessed to having abstained from any form of release a few days prior to seeing her and she laughed. I noticed that she didn't wipe my cum from her neck or cleavage. Instead, she unzipped her dress at the side and let it fall to the floor.

She stood naked in front of me, her chest covered in my cum and despite it only having been minutes since her exquisite demonstration of oral relief, the sight of her unblemished, healthy lilly-white skin, long flowing brown hair, wonderfully toned and well proportioned body and especially her small but perfect tits and the invitingly pink fleshy womanhood between her legs, surrounded by a neatly crafted erotic little strip of pubic hair, caused my penis to begin to stir again.

She smiled at my obvious admiration of her body. 'You look like you're ready for seconds already' she giggled. Her accent was cultured and her voice was strong despite its light and distinctly female pitch.

'Shall we move to the bed?', she asked, inclining her perfect body towards the King sized bed pushed into the corner of the small room. I indicated my consent and she took my hand and led me over to the bed where she lay on her back and beckoned for me to lie beside her.

She began to caress my face and kiss me again and I immediately reached down between her legs, aching to feel the hot exposed flesh of her genitalia. I took my time massaging her clitoris by pulling her pussy-lips together and drawing them up and down over her large button as if it were the head of a tiny penis. I bored of fondling her externally after a bit and felt through the softness of her labia for the opening of her womanhood.

Some female sex workers prefer not to be penetrated by their client's fingers, either for reasons of hygiene or fear of injury. Others tolerate internal digital tampering but do not react in any way. In my experience, after the initial thrill of introducing my fingers into the soft warmth of an escort's vagina, the experience would quickly become tiresome as the vagina generally did not respond as I fantasise that it should.

This lack of response is obviously understandable in escort girls. In fact if the pussy of a sex worker moistened at all under the onslaught of my probing fingers, it always came as a pleasant surprise. In Sara's case, I received my pleasant surprise.

At first Sara's cunt was warm and fleshy but not significantly wet. I expected this to remain the case as I used my fingers to massage the soft spongy flesh inside and at the front of her. After a moment with two fingers at work in her pussy and the thumb of the same hand rubbing her clitoral hood, I was surprised to discover that her pussy-juice had begun to flow.

As I finger-fucked her, her delicious cunt became first sticky then slimy and finally her entire public region was awash with her own cum. There was no denying her arousal. The pale skin on her face and chest coloured slightly and she tilted her head back a little on the pillow, rolling her eyes slightly towards the back of her head.

I moved down the bed, lay facing her between her legs and buried my face and fingers in her cunt and arse. I massaged her clitoris with a flat and soft but firm tongue, made a beckoning gesture inside her with my fingertips firmly kneading the soft squelching flesh at the front of her vagina.

I occasionally dipped my little finger up to its first knuckle into the tightness of her anus, lubricated by the juice that dribbled from her sex-hole and I worked it with my fingers. Sara offered no protest at the anal penetration, nor did she give me further license so I kept the frigging of her arse to a gentle minimum.

As I played with her, she gave the occasional grunt and horse-like moan. Not the bored fake sounds of a working escort expressing mock pleasure for the benefit of her client but the genuine down-to-earth noises of a woman in the throes of sexual gratification.

At one point, Sara's juices squirted in my face and she gasped. She hadn't cum although, she was getting close. She gently pulled my face from her pussy and saying 'I hope you don't mind', set her own fingers busily to work on her clit. 'Keep your fingers in my cunt', she instructed, then closed her eyes and focussed on bringing herself to orgasm.

Shortly, she came, grunting and moaning, turning her head to one side and thrusting her hips towards the ceiling in a series of erotic convulsions. She lay back and gently massaged herself as the waves of her orgasm subsided. I noticed how the motion of her fingers on her clitoral hood and labia changed as soon as she came, from a ferociously fast firm rhythmic rubbing to an almost idle and aimless gentle caress. It was not so different from the way I treated my penis during and after masturbation.

Once she had finished, she smiled at me. 'Thanks for that', she said with a smile. 'This job has its occasional perks'. I have to say that I believed her. It is always possible for a woman to falsify the experience of her sexual pleasure and her climax but in this instance, I was hard pressed to view what I witnessed as a forgery. The colouration of her skin, the self-indulgent expression on her face, the rolling back of her eyes, the un-stereotypical grunts and unladylike moans and not least the prodigious quantity of juice flowing from her cunt all seemed to point to pleasure truly experienced. Still, one never knows when one is male.

As we lay beside each other, I contemplated what I had just seen. My cock had softened as I had been concentrating on pleasuring Sara but the thoughts of what I'd seen replaying themselves in my imagination soon had me stiffening in arousal again.

Ever attentive to her client, Sara saw the movement of my rapidly growing member, smiled and began almost idly playing with my glans, taking some of her now sticky pussy juice on her fingers, she moistened the end of my cock and rubbed it until it was hard.

'Fancy a fuck?' she asked crudely. She laughed when I nodded vigorously.

She went down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth, stimulating it with her lips and tongue until it was completely hard then she leant over me, her pink nipples brushing my face as she reached over to the small bedside table, opened the top drawer and produced a condom in a red wrapper.

Sara expertly extracted the contraceptive from its packet and dressed my erect penis in the thin rubber film. She then slowly and adeptly masturbated my shaft through the condom while treating me to a gorgeous demonstrating of licking, sucking and nibbling on my ball-sack and even occasionally running her tongue in and around my arsehole.

Moments later when she knew I was ready, she climbed to her hands and knees and presented me with her beautiful behind, moving it slightly from side to side, erotically teasing and encouraging me to enter her.

I got on my knees behind Sara and pushed the tip of my hard dick into her vagina. I moved my glans in and out of her for a while before the anticipation grew too strong and I inserted the full length of my erection, gently penetrating her cunt and pushing hard when I was completely inside her so that I could feel my testicles pressing against her pussy-lips.

I then fucked her hard and quickly as I gently fingered her arsehole and massaged her buttocks. It was not long before I was ready to ejaculate for the second time. Uncannily anticipating my imminent squirt as she had the previous time, Sara turned her head back to face me, an expression of mischievous daring in her eyes that was maddeningly erotic and she said 'shoot cum all over my bum and rub your cock on my arsehole'. Even through my pleasure, I could see her erotic encouragement was a trick she had learned to affect but this made no difference to the effect it had on me.

I banged away at her pussy for a short while longer then as I felt my climax approaching, I withdrew from inside her removed the condom, rolling it off my shaft, turning it inside out as it slid off me, tossed it aside and proficiently brought myself the rest of the way to orgasm, squirting a load almost as full as the previous one over her peachy derriere and pretty little arsehole.

As I came, I pushed my glans against her arsehole, inserting just the tip of my prick spurting the last of my cum into and around the entrance to her bum. As my orgasm subsided, I rubbed my cock all over her slippery arsehole and perineum and using my other hand, massaged my cum into the skin of her buttocks as if it were a soothing expensive body lotion. To my great delight, she turned around then and took my sticky penis in her mouth and once again cleaned away the evidence of my recent ejaculation.

It aroused me to notice once again that Sara didn't bother to wipe my semen away from her skin, she simply lay on her back with her legs casually spread, one hand on her stomach and the other motioning for me to lie beside her again.

We made small talk at that point. A true professional, Sara was one of the few escorts I knew who was also good entertainment value and a stimulating conversationalist.

Sara told me that her hobby was swimming and exercise and she was studying a sports science degree and hoped eventually to be a personal fitness instructor. She told me how the tight outfit she wore at the gym often aroused her as it rubbed against her clit and labia and she was often driven to visiting the ladies to bring herself off during her breaks.

After we'd talked for some time, my hormones began to stir for the third time. Attentive as before, Sara noticed the change in me and enquired brightly, 'one for the road?' I offered my enthusiastic assent and once again, she laughed.

She took me in her mouth again and seemed instinctively to know that after cumming twice already, subtle stimulation of my more secondary erogenous zones would be insufficient to stimulate me. She immediately buried my glans in her soft moist throat, wrapping her lips and tongue around me and quickly moving her mouth up and down on my hard cock.

It took longer for me to cum this time but not much longer. I was soon squirting my last remaining drops of watery seminal fluid into Sara's expertly employed mouth. As before, she kept my prick in her mouth and massaged me down from the peak of my pleasure. I had cum right in her mouth this time and my load had been far smaller than the previous two. She swallowed my cum and licked my cock clean before laying back on the bed once again.