Is Your Girl Hot Enough?

Confused? We know exactly what you're thinking and feeling. Why the hell do I have to know if my girl is hot enough for me? I love her, and that's all that matters. Easy for us to say, but for the rest of the male population, your girl may be doing you some damage if she's not as hot as you think she is.

Now we know you don't think or see where the problem lies but we do. Humans are born to rationalise every single decision we make in our lives. This is our way of coping with mistakes and wrong turns in our lives but sometimes it doesn't always come in handy especially with girls.

So how would you know if your girl is indeed hot enough for you? Find out how:

First, you've got to let your friends tell you the real deal. You know they will never lie. You've been with them for as long as you can remember, and so they probably wont lie to you when they tell you that your new girl is just ordinary. The best way to do this is to invite her to go out with your friends, if she resists, then that's a sign, she knows she isn't hot, and so should you.

And if that doesn't work, spending an entire day with your girl will probably give you a wakeup call. The minute you guys wake up after a long night of hot steamy sex and find she's already putting on her make up first thing in the morning, then she's nowhere near hot for you. Better to give her the boot.

Now a not so conventional way of finding out if your girl is indeed hot enough for you is if you can make her cry, and if she still looks hot even when she's crying, then you've got yourself a mate.

Another unconventional way of doing it is if you can shave her head. Natalie Portman has done it and she looked stunning from every angle. Shaving off a girls crowning glory will reveal so much of her, and you will see the real her without her captivating mane.

And if that's still not enough, then you better tread the genetic path and invite her mum over for lunch or dinner. Seeing her mum and how she's aged will most definitely give you a clearer picture of how your girl will look like in 25 years or so.

We know not all women look like the hot Harrow escorts,but there are definitely a lot of hot women out there waiting for you to make a move, and while you're at it, don't forget to ask yourself this question: Is my girl hot enough to be with me, or have my standards really gone low enough for me to date someone only average?.